Pick-a-core: What ID lanyard matches your aesthetic?

FEU Advocate
March 03, 2024 09:58

From coquette, Barbie, to Kitchie Nadal core, a wide range of aesthetics evolved from Pinterest mood boards to physical items like fashion and accessories. This opened an opportunity for Tamaraw online sellers in the One Piyu Community (OPC) Facebook group to craft customized ID lanyards of different themes, catering to Tamaraws of various styles early this February.

These customized ID lanyards including designs like botanique and Formula 1 Racing, to characters like Lightning McQueen and Sanrio’s Kuromi, garnered positive reactions and comments. Which showed FEU students’ appreciation for art down to their core, even through a simple ID lanyard.

Tam-expression through ID lanyards

Mondays to Wednesdays may be the mandatory uniform days of the week, but who says Tamaraws can’t accessorize and looksmax as much as their hearts desire? Best believe that the perfect ID lanyard can be the centerpiece for Tamaraws to express their personalities and aesthetics.

Alexine Medenilla, a second-year Internal Auditing student and self-proclaimed lanyard girlie is the curator of the popular black-and-white minimalist lanyard. The lanyard is crafted with a simple and classic design that can help elevate any outfit, even any institute polo uniform. 

‘Yung pagsusuot natin ng mga (the way we wear) FEU lanyards can be a simple way to showcase our individual personalities, interests, and also affiliations. This can be through choosing designs that reflect sa mga favorite colors nila, ‘yung hobbies, also ‘yung fandoms that they support or even ‘yung mga institute (their favorite colors, hobbies, and also fandoms they support, or the institute) that they belong to here in FEU,” the Internal Auditing student shared, referring to the variety of ID lanyards available on OPC.

These custom ID lanyards are more than just something to wear around your neck and to hold your ID card, but it can be a catalyst for self-expression, especially in FEU where students love to put their best fashion-foot forward.

Shakira Mae Velasco, a first-year Nursing student who designed the popular Barbie and Bratz-themed ID lanyards believes that self expression boosts confidence within the campus.

“As Tamaraws, we value the freedom to express ourselves through our clothing, and among other things. Using customized ID lanyards is a great add up to that. Moreover, the most important benefit is the boost of confidence from walking in Thy Happy Halls while proudly showcasing, embodying, and wearing the most elegant lanyard of your choice that represents who you are,” the Nursing student stated.

It’s giving cultural art oasis

It’s no coincidence how all of these ID lanyard designs started to gain traction online during the month of February, which is also the celebration of National Arts Month – showing that art and creativity comes as no surprise for FEU.

The University is home to six buildings, Nicanor Reyes Sr. Hall, Administration Building, Admissions Building, Architecture and Fine Arts Building, Science Building, and the FEU Chapel; which are named as National Cultural Treasures by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts through Museum Declaration-1-2018.

This is an extraordinary feat for the University as these buildings house artful paintings and sculptures and Philippine art-deco architecture, which granted the recognition from UNESCO Asia-Pacific Honorable Mention Heritage Award in 2005 for preserving cultural heritage.

Something as simple as an ID lanyard truly showcases the creativity and artistic drive of Tamaraws, which has to deal with the campus as a whole. 

An art-fostering campus for creative Tamaraws

It is no surprise how FEU students make use of their creativity through ID lanyards with the campus being filled with artistic atmosphere and nature. 

ID lanyards are just one element of how FEU is able to foster art in all kinds. Through different programs, student organizations, and campus events.

“As we all know, FEU has a long history and reputation for excellence when it comes to arts and culture, we also have strong programs in visual arts, music, theaters and creative-writing… This artistic environment that we have here in FEU could foster a more open and accepting atmosphere towards self-expression through various means, including fashion and wearing different ID Lanyards,” Medenilla said when asked about FEU’s artistic atmosphere.

Art in the campus isn’t limited to the buildings or ID lanyard designer, but it is also seen in the everyday-Tamaraw. Which shows the University’s passion for arts and creativity.

Anya Dela Cruz, a second-year Communication student, purchased the botanique lanyard from OPC and is able to match it with her uniform and outfits.

“ID lanyards add to the character and self-expression of people. May parang sense of fashion rin, pero what more can we expect sa artistic atmosphere ng FEU, na talagang may self-expression ang mga students kahit through lanyard lang (ID lanyards add to the character and self-expression of people. There is also a sense of fashion, but what more can we expect within the artistic atmosphere of FEU, where there is really self-expression of students, even with just their ID lanyards),” Dela Cruz stated.

Art in the campus is more than just ID lanyards, but they do show the creative spirit of Tamaraws. These lanyards unlock more than just a shiny new lace to wear around your neck, but it also shows the connection between the University’s prime excellence when it comes to art and design and to the students – which has always been a part of FEU’s core.

-Angelo Copon