As I Comb Her Hair

FEU Advocate
June 17, 2018 16:31

Crayons followed lines
From a bright child's mind--
A figure with a cape,
And a woman by his side.
"You and my future mom!", she said
With those glistening eyes
And enthusiastic smile.
I nodded in agreement
Yet confused about my answer,
As I combed her hair to pass the time.

Time ticked and years flew by.
Confusion became clarity.
The mystery I hid,
The “phase” I ignored
Had exposed itself by a love for another;
So then, I took a man as a lover.
I was happy for a love that was not the norm.
Tell me if this isn’t right, then what love is wrong?

Will I be able to tell my daughter
When she can be condemned
And suffer in my stead
For the world isn't ready for a love so different?
Thoughts whirled like a storm brewing.
My reflection in the mirror starts to blur.
As I comb her hair to pass the time.

The secret dwelled inside me
Like a fire kept from starting
For the love of a father that is selfless and true,
For the fear of society’s view.
But I faced the secret--
Unraveled my very being,
Unbound like the strands of her hair.
Shock struck her momentarily.
My heart soon filled with anxiety.
Yet she mouthed the words- the keys to my chest,
"You're still my hero.”

- Aliana Rebecah G. Ruelos