12th Musica FEUropa hosts first-ever virtual 'non-competitive' choral fest

FEU Advocate
May 14, 2021 06:56

Staging its first non-competitive choral festival, the annual Musica FEUropa will hold its 12th season virtually beginning Saturday, May 15.

In partnership with the European Union Delegation to the Philippines, Far Eastern University (FEU) will air its annual choral competition and concert of champions on May 15, 22, 29, and 30 via Zoom and YouTube channels of Musica FEUropa and the FEU Center for the Arts (FCA).

FCA Director Martin Lopez told FEU Advocate that they recognized the need to remodel the event to be non-competitive to encourage more participants and avoid possible difficulties that might stem out from the quality of recording and editing.

Lopez also explained the event changes that had to be modified considering the 'new normal' set-up.

Musica FEUropa introduced only one Open Category in its 12th year. From the usual on-stage act, this year's entries were to be performed through pre-recorded videos. The participants were required to comply with two pieces―one in a Filipino dialect and in an official European Union (EU) language.

In addition to their video entries, participating chorales, together with the FEU Chorale and Filipino choir champions, were invited to perform Beethoven’s Ode to Joy in German, the official anthem of EU, in the Concert of Champions as its concluding program.

By administering it online, Lopez believes that it would be easier for choral groups from different countries to participate.

Participating choirs will then benefit as the FCA opened coaching sessions with esteemed choral conductors Ramon Lijauco, Jr., Dr. Ed Lumbrera Manguiat, Mark Anthony Carpio, Dr. Maria Theresa Visconde Roldan, Jonathan Velasco, and Anna Tabitha Abelada-Piquero.

"No matter how great adversities are, especially in this time of pandemic, not even COVID-19 can stop the harmony. Music will always be the great balm to the soul! The legacy of Musica FEUropa must continue,"  Lopez shared.

Pioneered in 2009, Musica FEUropa annually celebrates the music of choral groups as they share their performances in showcasing both Philippine and European culture with the tagline 'Music. Harmony. Legacy.'

-Mary Licel Biscocho

(File photo from FEU Advocate’s coverage of 11th Musica FEUropa)