8th FEU Congress impeaches chairperson

FEU Advocate
February 09, 2023 11:07

By Ma. Recellina P. Lafue

Student councils and university-wide organizations of the Far Eastern University (FEU) Congress unanimously agreed to dismiss Gabryelle Samonte as chairperson during the first official session held yesterday, February 8.

In spite of Samonte's absence from the session due to health issues, the motion carried through with 50 affirmative votes and one vote for abstain. 

During the last week’s session, FEU Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) Representative Dee Agojo raised the motion to formally remove Samonte from her position as the chairperson of the legislative body on the grounds of her negligence of duty.

FEU SAGA representative provided a rationale that contained narratives about Samonte’s shortcomings during her term with regard to the voting that took place in the second session.

Agojo shared that Samonte had failed to attend the legislative training held by the FEU Central Student Organization (FEUCSO), which was an opportunity for the members to prepare themselves and gain knowledge on parliamentary procedures done in the Congress. 

Moreover, the delays in the events of the organization was caused by Samonte’s constant absenteeism without prior notice. 

These actions done by Samonte resulted in Congress having no coherent plans for its upcoming sessions. 

Agojo also expressed the need to hold Samonte liable for her actions.

“May this be a lesson not only for members and representatives of the Congress, but also to all student leaders of the Tamaraw community. We need a leader who shows up, who is accountable and liable for their actions, who performs their duties whatever the circumstances. We need a leader who knows what they’re doing, why they are doing this, and what they’re doing this for,” she concluded her speech.

Samonte will remain as a FEUCSO representative in the Congress and will be able to plead for a reconsideration of her case.

Vice Chairperson Isabelle Cebu takes the position vacated by Samonte following the line of succession stated in the FEU House Rules.

(Photo courtesy of Alyssa Andrea Quiogue/FEU Advocate)