8th FEU Congress takes oath in ceremonial opening amid delays

FEU Advocate
February 01, 2023 14:04

By Maxine Alessandra B. Turiano and Ma. Recellina P. Lafue

Far Eastern University (FEU) Congress introduced the newly-appointed legislative body composed of 11 member organizations of the 8th Congress after postponements at The Huddle earlier today, February 1.

During a privilege speech, Oratorical and Debate Council (OraDec) Representative Johanan Isaac Bagalawis expressed his dismay at the internal factors that caused a delay in the session to take place.

“This has disrupted congress in the proceedings of this congressional hearing for such a very long time, to the extent that a lot of organizations and institutions had to adjust so many of their resolutions on very legitimate timeframes—on tight schedules because of these disruptions, and because of that absence of specific individuals in these congressional hearings, this dishonesty has no availability to adjust any individuals for their legitimate actions and it has failed consecutively for allowing individuals to deliver on their promised agendas,” he stated.

The 8th Congress only has three months left to propose viable solutions for the student body and address the concerns within the organization, contrary to the usual 10 months.

In addition, FEU Central Student Organization (FEUCSO) Representative Rae Elaine Ragos acknowledged and apologized for the delays that interfered with the preparation for the plenary.

“As one of the representatives of FEUCSO, my sincerest apology for the delay of this year’s congress, and I am aware of the lapses we’ve made in this year’s congress and I should also be held accountable for this. However, kinakailangan din namin ng tulong ng mga taong nasa paligid namin, hindi lamang kasi desisyon namin ito, kinakailangan din namin ang collective effort ng bawat isa. Inaamin naman namin kung ano yung mga lapses namin, and I am being accountable for everything na pagkukulang for this year’s congress (However, we also need help from the other organizations involved as it is a collective effort and decision. We admit to our lapses and I am being accountable for all of our shortcomings for this year’s congress),” Ragos expressed.

Office of Student Development Director Graciel Lintag also highlighted the significance of the Congress within the University during her welcoming message.

“The FEU Congress have been very instrumental in proposing resolutions that will translate into policies, guidelines, or programs of the University. The FEU administration is thankful for all the inputs, suggestions, and comments that we receive from the FEU Congress,” she remarked.

Vice Chairperson Isabelle Cebu along with Deputy Secretary General John David Yermo then spearheaded the hearing to recognize the motion to adopt Resolution No. 2023-01: A Resolution Amending the FEU Congress House Rules.

FEUCSO and FEU College Y Club (CYC) were the proponents of the resolution that contained improved policies including reinforcing transparency, accountability, and integrity within the legislation.

The resolution was moved and approved by the representatives during the session following due process.

Representatives of the member organizations and moderating board are composed of student leaders from FEUCSO, FEU CYC, FEU Makati Student Council, FEU Sexuality and Gender Alliance, OraDec, and all six FEU Manila Institute Student Councils (ISCs). 

The Congress is set for another session next week, February 8.

(Photo courtesy by Alyssa Andrea Quiogue/FEU Advocate)