Om norm norm norm

FEU Advocate
September 13, 2020 12:31

By Paco

Feast at last!
An exquisite delicacy made only by the most talented chefs.
Lord, we give thanks for this blessed meal brought today.
Saved from the opposition, we give praise to our stalwart leaders!
Ever more peaceful within the banquet of our home, ever more safe.

Serve the country well,
Under the banner of our superiors.
Bane are those who do not comply, those who complain,
Mind not those who sorrow;
It is that they are simply too weak,
Too much our leaders have slaved for our survival!

End this meaningless rhetoric,
Nations are built upon those who choose to make a stand.
Death to all who’ll strike fear into our women and children!
Usurpers are attempting to destroy our very foundations,
Release yourselves from the enemies’ chains!
End the hatred.

Just relax.
Enjoy the meal.

(Illustration by Mary Vel Custodio)