Where art thou, Alexander?

FEU Advocate
June 29, 2024 14:58

The lighthouse of Alexandria dimmed,
Vessels and sailors lost in the dark. 
The magnificent tower that the great king once ignited,  
Swallowed by wrath as shadows surrounded. 

A quest that embarked on love for all. 
To women and men alike. An abundance. A galore. 
The king who conquered Babylon and India
Was still a mortal; a prisoner of passion. 

Alexander the Great! The King! The Pharaoh!
Died with his kingdom and epics; people followed.
His beauty, flare, and the cities he commanded 
Died in the hands of his men, corrupted. .

Fluid Alexander was and his army knew, 
Still they served, with the same voice, and the same cause.
Alexander built a kingdom of color and egality.
Which many nations try to carry, even today.

Alexander! Oh, Alexander, the cities you built have fallen.
The mad men of the world loath us, 
But my love for you is as precious as your heart.
Dear Alexander, it was all thee whom the gods have favored.

- Rowell Jallorina Jr.
(Illustration by Alexandra Lim/FEU Advocate)