FEU Booters seal 2-0 victory against UE Red Warriors

FEU Advocate
March 10, 2024 14:23

Far Eastern University (FEU) Booters successfully secured the victory in a physical battle against the University of the East (UE) Red Warriors 2-0, in their third to the last game of University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) in the first round of Season 86 men’s football tournament earlier today, March 10, at the UP Diliman Football Pitch in Quezon City.

The match immediately got off to an intense start in the first few minutes as both teams showed an exchange of physicality.

FEU struggled to get a hold of scoring goals in the first half due to the tight defense displayed by the UE.

They were quick to respond to what may have been pressure on FEU, as they matched this with paced offense and wary plays. However, this did not prevent UE from their eagerness to score.

While the team was short of their two penalty shots during the middle of the first half, they were able to successfully save four potential goals from the red-and-white squad.

Despite the rigidity and aggressive nature of the game, FEU’s Martini Rey was able to break free from the UE Red Warriors’ defense, scoring the first goal for the team at the 41st minute.

In a post-game interview, Coach Alberto Besa shared his thoughts when asked about the physicality that took place during the game.

“Actually no, we didn’t address that, because we face each team the same. We instill our values of respecting our opponents and fair play... There were a few yellow cards called, but again, the officiating, it’s pretty tough also for correct calls all the time,” he said. 

The Morayta-based squad was swift to switch their strategy at the start of the second half by setting a slower pace and more defensive playstyle, which allowed them to set up opportunities for more valuable plays. 

This tactic, paired with the composure of the team, kept the warriors from coming close to an opportunity to capitalize on a potential goal in the second half. 

UE ultimately fell to the subtle but powerful strike of Mc Jay Neniel at the 88th minute, closing the game for both eastern universities. 

The green-and-gold team is now at a 3-0-1 win-draw-loss record and will face Adamson University on March 14, at the same venue.  

-Kyle Beltran

(Photo by Kayla Babista/FEU Advocate)