Love Thyself

FEU Advocate
October 03, 2022 16:37

Love is a tantalizing sentiment in our life;
A brutal yet sincere act.
“Loving thyself is the soaring forge of love,”
the constant phrase I often hear, yet the questions remain,
“How do we precisely value the self?”
“Do I even love myself?”

I have uncovered the answer.
After discovering the missing treasure,
a realization caught up to me—
I cherish myself poorly, like a worn-out cloth.
Living to lick the boot of the mighty man,
incapable of escaping free—imprisoned in another's life.
I've come to be freed, but how?

Who am I? An undesirable entity?
What do I want? A life of pure choice?
No, my senses have come to light.
“Eventually, my mouth would appease this dilemma.”
A time when I grit to take charge of my fate!

Time will tell when the fruit will fall;
The extent of my own alluring qualities—
Soon, in my most magnificent years.
I will be able to search for myself;
Develop into the person I aspire to be.
Without second thoughts—I’ll strive
To be the most glorious version of myself!

Now, it shall happen by choosing myself.
The first step is always bound to be the heaviest.
What a breath of fresh air to see myself now—
Receiving the end of my efforts,
but also the courage it took to take the first step,
defying the lurking shadows inside.

It’s been a journey—but I’m here now.
It wasn’t such a bad idea to choose myself.
And no, it shouldn’t ever make us feel bad—
It’s self-care, after all.

-Aoi B.Cruz

(Illustration by Mary Vel Custodio/FEU Advocate)