FTG adapts a new form of art

FEU Advocate
September 25, 2016 19:47

Far Eastern University (FEU) Theatre Guild (FTG) presented Anatomiya ng Pag-ibig for the first time as a new approach of Rated 18 (R-18) theater play from September 06 until September 24 at the FEU President's Committee on Culture (PCC) Studio Center.

Anatomiya ng Pag-ibig is an R-18 theater play about socio-political and social advocacy written by Allan Lopez and directed by FTG Artistic Director Dudz Teraña.

Teraña said that they adapted a different approach in the play. “More on experimental ang show. Kasi ‘yung pagkakasulat ay hindi naman realism kaya ‘yung storytelling ay kakaiba. (This is an experimental show and the story was not realistic so the storytelling was unique),” he said.

Also, Teraña added that they used metaphorical approach in the play. “Not the usual kuwento ng (story of) love. It is more of socio-political and social advocate ng pag-ibig (of love). Hindi lang literal na pag-ibig but iba’t-ibang level (It is not about the literal meaning of love, but it is also about different levels of love),” Teraña pointed out.

Meanwhile, a student who wish for anonymity gave an insight and opinion on the play. “Nangyayari naman siya ngayon sa totoong buhay kaya para sa akin, art pa rin siya kung tawagin (It happens in real life, so for me it is still considered as an art).” However, some students were shocked because of some erotic scenes in the play.

On the other hand, Teraña said that critical thinking is what he wanted to imply to his audience. “May level of maturity na ang love. Hindi na hugot-hugot na lang (There is a level of maturity in terms of love. It is not just about emotional thoughts),” he said.

Kung malaswa ang paningin mo, magiging malaswa sa iyo ‘yun, (If you think this is obscene, then you will find it as obscene),” Teraña added.

- Hissah S. Macaraya
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