10 Tamaraws You'll Meet During the UAAP Season

FEU Advocate
September 26, 2016 17:18

By Maria Viktoria Viado and Arianne Jeanel Calumbiran

Deck the halls with flags and banners of green and gold for ‘tis the season to unleash and awaken the brave Tamaraw spirit!

The entrance of the cold and drizzly –ber months is accompanied by the warm opening of the 79th season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) where the Far Eastern University (FEU) is a known participant, bringing in an annual hype and familiar buzz to the Morayta-based squad.

Surely, you are bound to meet and cheer side-by-side with some, if not all, these types of brave Tamaraw souls during this annual festive tournament.

1. Low-key Supporters

While the high spirited half of the student body is outspoken and exhibiting their love and all out support for the champions of the green and gold community, there are those who prefer supporting the team from afar, with their noses buried in their books and with "acads before lakads" as their mantra.

Instead of spending their activity periods in concerts and TamRallies, you can spot them being preoccupied with their organizations, going through their readings or maybe finishing their plates in the study area, making the most of every sunog-kilay opportunity they can get their hands on.

However, being a low-key supporter does not mean that you are any less of a Tamaraw. Aeril Manuel, a 3rd year BA Communication student, suggests that one can be a supporter without actually being that interested with the sports events.

"More on studies ako, pero nakikibalita pa rin ako kung ano nangyari, sino kalaban, nananalo ba. And pag nanalo... syempre nakaka-proud (I focus more on studies, but I still ask for updates, like what happened, who the opponents were, or if we won. And whenever we win, of course I feel proud)," she said.

2. Hanggang TV Lang Team

Being able to witness the game unfold right before your very eyes is an unbeatable experience for most, but for this kind of UAAP enthusiasts, being able to watch the game through their tellies is already a fulfilling experience; whether it be those big screens in the University's Pavilion, in the convenience of their homes, or maybe just through their mobile devices.

"(We watch the games at the Pavilion) ... kasi mas convenient s'ya. Kasi 'pag may class po kami, di na naman kailangan mag-miss ng class (...it's more convenient, especially if we have class, then we don't have to miss it)," Linsey Morden, a 2nd year BS Medical Technology student, reasoned out.

The thrill of being able to share the experience with your friends or loved ones is what the UAAP is truly about, right? But you're not missing out on anything because you get to be productive at home or inside the campus without missing the play-by-play of the event.

3. Untiring Ticket Buyers

Big UAAP events such as the Cheer Dance Competition and the Basketball Finals are among those that the FEU Tamaraws look forward to the most, which is why standing in line to gain access to these events and acquiring a "golden" ticket is truly a game won by the most patient and competent of the lot.

However, circumstances (classes, really) may not allow the brave Tamaraw to stand in line forever which is why 4th year BSBA Financial Management student, Danica Lagasca, is much grateful for having friends who are willing to save the spot for her while she attends her class.

"Grateful ako sa kanila [friends] kasi sila talaga yung nag-effort na, kahit wala silang classes, sila 'yung pupunta dito para lahat kami makanood ng sama-sama (I'm grateful of them for they exerted effort to come here, even if they didn't have classes, just so we can watch the game together)," she shared.

4. Professional Scalpers

Standing in line for tickets while braving the rain or the heat of the sun can be quite a hassle for some students, which is why when all else fails, a lot rely on the ticket scalpers.

The scalpers may be found selling their tickets through the FEU Marketplace, a Facebook group meant for the exchange of items for buy and sell in the FEU Community, or searching the FEU grounds for potential buyers. Beware, however, for some scalpers take advantage and add a big markup on the tickets they sell.

Jonil Martinez, a 3rd year AB Political Science student, suggests that one should take cautious measures when buying a ticket online.

"'Di mo pwede pagkatiwalaan kung sino-sino eh. So ang isipin mo nalang bumili ka nalang para i-support 'yung school mo (You can't trust everyone. Which is why you have to be careful and think to yourself that you are buying a ticket to support your school)," he said.

.5. Frustrated Boosters

"Let's go, Tamaraws, let's go!" This is how the iconic and catchy FEU Trasher goes. The cold air of the -ber months is filled with the spirit that the official cheers of the Tamaraws signify.

Whether in Araneta, Mall of Asia Arena and even in the campus, the scream and shouts of Tams never fails as soon as they here the beat of the drum.

"Nakikisabay lang po ako sa Boosters. Parang pampadagdag ng confidence ng mga players 'pag 2nd maraming sumusuporta sa kanila. (I just join the booster in cheering. It gives more confidence to the players if there are people who supports them)" Sheryl Vigo, a 2nd year Internal Auditing student.

For someone who does not know that much about the technicalities of the sport, the effort of still cheering “defense” and memorizing chants and hand gestures for the team together with the FEU Boosters is something commendable for a true-blooded Tamaraw.

6. Self-proclaimed Sports Analysts

While supporting your home team is crucial, this type of UAAP Tam loves and knows the sports well enough that they tend to analyze and keep a keen eye on the technicalities of each and every game. The reason for each foul count, whether the ball went out of bounds or if the scoring system is flawed are a few things that Tamaraw sports enthusiasts are critical about.

"[Yung mga nagsasabi ng luto] di na nila pinapanuod 'yung totoong laban, parang nakiki-fan boys lang sila. [Nanonood ako] most of the time para talaga sa basketball eh, (To those who tells that it is biased, they haven’t seen a real game. They are just joining the bandwagon. Most of the time I really watch [UAAP] for basketball," Charles De Castro 2nd Year Business Management student said.

So brace yourselves for this brave set are quick to defend the green and gold representatives when people cry foul on its victories. They will use technical terms and their seemingly unbiased outputs on the game just to stand up for the One Brave Team.

7. Savvy Social Media Reporters

#ChamFEUns#BeBrave – These are some of the hashtags that trend every UAAP season that just came up. Thanks to all social media reporters that made it possible.

Aside from the live updates of the UAAP's Facebook page and ABS-CBN Sports, avid fans are also hyped to share the “what’s up?” in every game, inhabiting the likes of Snapchat and Instagram with live photo updates, probably even going against the reports of Rappler Sports or Inquirer, and joining social media wars to fight and defend the team, knowing for a fact that they have witnessed the game.

"Syempre pag nakikita nila na andami pala nagti-twitter, nagpo-post sa Facebook, parang nakakataba ng puso kasi alam nilang 'yung students ng FEU, andun man sa MOA o sa bahay, sinusuportahan sila. [For the athletes] (Of course if they see that there many Twitter and Facebook posts, it makes them happy if they see a FEU student whether in MOA or at home supporting them)," shares Caren Gonzaga, 2nd year BS Psychology student.

8. Feisty Extremists

Also known as the die-hard fans, these UAAP personas are the ones who know the names of every player on the team and probably has a photo with each of them. They are first to buy the latest yellow shirt design, memorize each chant of the University by heart, and doesn't let one game go unwatched.

"The louder we cheer kasi dun sila lumalaban talaga. Whether we lose or we win, dapat same pa rin 'yung support at 'yung cheers natin hindi humihina, kasi 'pag humina 'yung cheer natin parang nawawalan sila ng gana/lakas maglaro (They fight harder the louder we cheer. Whether we lose or we win, the support shout be the same and unfaltering for when that happens, the players will lose their drive in playing)," Shereen Garcia, a 3rd year BS Psychology student explained.

This group of Tamaraws strive to bring the arena to life and achieve the well deserved fan goals for always being first in line in defending, loving, and supporting the Champions of the green and gold lair.

9. Artsy-Fartsy Committee

What good is a UAAP crowd filled with Tamaraws if it is not graced with colorful banners, balloons, and flags? Thanks to this creative and Pinterest-loving group, we are able to enjoy the game visually, making the sea of Tamaraws look more aesthetically pleasing.

Written in the posters and banners are the Tamaraw cheers, sometimes even hugot lines or witty puns using the players' names, making the game more exciting.

Angelika Joy Comia, a 3rd year Communication student, shared that pouring out her creativity to make these banners and flags is her simple way of showing love for the team.

"Tapos kapag nanalo ang sarap itabi nung mga ginawa mong banners kasi feeling ko isa 'yun sa dahilan kung bakit nanalo team natin (Then if the team wins, it feels so fulfilling that you want to keep the banners you made because it feels like it's one of the reasons why our team won)," she added.

10. Purpose-driven Athletes

Standing in the UAAP spotlight are the heart and soul of the competition - the athletes themselves - bearing the FEU logos in their jerseys and uniforms, juggling their academics with their passion for playing their sport and tirelessly training day and night to get in perfect shape for the road to Championship.

With the big and brave Morayta-based support team behind their backs, the FEU athletes will do anything to bring home the bacon and defend the crown.

Though we have different ways of supporting and presenting our love for our home team, all these types of brave warriors from the green and gold community are united for they are in it for one goal and one goal only: to stand behind and cheer on the champions bred in the Oasis of the University belt.