When GradWAITING is Over for Tamaraws

FEU Advocate
July 14, 2022 07:58

By Ma. Emilia Nicole D. Bertulfo and Samantha Cheyenne Gail D. Pagunuran

“The tassel’s worth the hassle” is the catchphrase that perfectly encapsulates the four-enduring years of Tamaraw's academic journey. A rollercoaster ride of self-inhibition at the brink of breaking point, but one filled with enlivened hope to reach for the shining stars and wildest dreams and aspirations amidst a public health crisis.

At the heart of downtown Manila, Far Eastern University (FEU) was deemed as a cultural United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) heritage oasis. However, beyond its exemplar holistic conservation success, FEU as an educational institution prides itself in producing graduates who are not only globally competitive but full-fledged FEU Tamaraws who exhibit fortitude, excellence, and uprightness.

This green and gold community is home to the brave Tamaraws who are ready to take charge in the future with grit and wisdom. 

Stepping into the FEUture 

College is the chapter that would define where you want to and can be in the future. One of the biggest factors in reaching the right destination is getting into the right university, which will mold you into the most competent and proficient individual for your chosen field. In all the programs it offers, FEU equips its students with fortitude, excellence, and uprightness to develop them into FEUture-ready individuals. 

For Joshua Reigh Adao, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Entrepreneurial Management graduate, he took numerous entrance examinations at different universities. Eventually, he chose FEU because he believed he may learn more from its quality education for his future endeavors.

“At the same time, this campus has more unique facilities and services that the school has to offer para sa aking future,” he expressed.

Moreover, Neil Andrew Juliano, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Convergent Media Track graduate, attended an orientation and campus tour during his high school at FEU that secured his slot for college. During the said events, he witnessed that FEU’s Department of Communication (DepComm) possessed the necessary education,  facilities, and equipment for his target tertiary program.

Most Tamaraws could agree that FEU is beyond what you expect it to be–a community that truly welcomes diversity and encourages growth with and for each other. It is an institution that tries its very best to deliver the needs and wants of its students–at present and for the future ahead of them. 

This very reason led Francheska Amery Garcia, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Financial Management graduate, chose FEU as it offers a scholarship. This helped out her family in terms of finances, especially for someone who commutes daily from Quezon City to Manila.

After two years of senior high school at FEU, Felmark Ross Labrador, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate, decided to stay at the university. He trusts that the quality education and lifelong values he could get here will allow him to become globally competitive and a better citizen. 

“It is also notable to say that FEU is particularly excellent in honing Tamaraw nursing students to be excellent care providers and FEUture ready,” he furthered. 

Remembering the FEU Journey

Graduation marks the end of tertiary education but also starts one’s professional life. For the FEU Class of 2022, it was held last June 30 and July 1, where graduation pictures can be seen all over social media along with their personal and heartfelt captions. Therefore, it is a reason for them to reminisce about their years of stay at FEU.

Aside from the education imparted by professors, FEU ensures that students will always have a place to work on their requirements, relax, or enjoy during their spare time. With over 13 buildings, 7 institutes, and 59 accredited student organizations, any academic year of FEU is loaded with many options to stay productive or loosened up. 

Adao loved spending time in the library during his free time. It became a place for him to either relax or work on his requirements. On the other hand, Garcia will be missing the Chapel and administration building, plus the events Tatak Tamaraw and One Concierto Piyu, same with Juliano.

Labrador jokingly considers himself as a “BS org” because he joined Youth for Christ (YFC), Institute of Nursing Student Council (INSC), The Lamp, and FEU Drug Abuse Prevention Core Group (DAPCG)—which he all treats as his own family. 

Of course, any academic year and Tamaraw experience would not be complete without the biggest event of the University—the One Concierto Piyu. FEU presents more than just its homegrown talents and invited local bands because this event has its yearly beneficiaries as well.

Juliano reminisced his experience during his first Concierto last 2018 wherein multiple freebies were given and the line-up of bands included IV of Spades, Ben&Ben, and Parokya ni Edgar. 

“It is also notable to say that it always rain on the day of One Concierto. The 'huwag tatalon' and 'UFO' will always make me laugh whenever I remember it. I enjoyed that day so much and the traditional fireworks at the end of the event just wraps my experience in a happy note,” he recalled.

Garcia simply labeled hers as “Super duper fun!” and even uploaded a vlog to document Concierto. While for Adao and Labrador, the performances of fellow students and OPM musicians themselves, while being with the whole Tamaraw community, made their first one truly enjoyable and unforgettable.

Furthermore, there will never be a college student who has it all easy because the harder it gets, the greater the results would be if you do not quit. In order to learn more and be braver, every student shall acknowledge that mistakes are part of navigating through college. 

Garcia then advises her fellow Tamaraws to never fear challenges and changes as these will strengthen the core values that FEU instills.  She ended her piece of advice by saying, “don’t let the opinions of others to ruin your self-confidence, just trust yourself that you can do it.”

Meanwhile, Juliano’s motto in life and advice to college students is the line “just keep swimming” from the movie “Finding Nemo.” This became his inspiration to persevere that made him reach the dean’s list and achieve a full college scholarship—for he lost his father, the sole provider of their family during his first year in college.

As for Labrador, he had three things that paved his way to graduate with flying colors. 

“First, choose your circle because these very people are the same people that are with you throughout your journey. In university, it is not all about competition rather it is about lifting each other to grow. Second, pace yourself. Try to live a life that is not so focused on the progress of others. Respect your own pace and bloom where you are planted. And lastly, always pray. Ask for Divine guidance and protection so that you will be courageous enough to face any adversities and to be grateful and feel humbled with every small wins,” he quipped.  

Embodying the true marks of a full-blooded Tamaraw

FEU at its core aspires to be an academic institution that inspires its students. Its commitment to the growth and well-being of Tamaraws is unlike no other. Guided by the core values of fortitude, excellence, and uprightness, the University strives to nurture principled and highly competent graduates by ensuring dedication to the highest intellectual, cultural, and moral standards. 

The fiery and resolute determination instilled within Adao in thy happy halls of the green and gold community is one of the driving factors that sparked him to learn and grow even more.

“Being determined is one of my aspects that I have in order to achieve my goals and at the same, it promotes how FEU describes Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness by inspiring how I will excel and how I will make my career more memorable. Being determined inspired me to push harder with all your doubts and how I can make myself more stronger in order to achieve your goals,” Adao shared as he emphasizes the opportunities FEU has provided during his four-year stay.

In the same way, the core values of FEU have indeed been deeply etched in this future Tamaraw nurse.

 “I was able to challenge myself and be in pursuit of genuinely embodying what it means to be a Tamaraw. A person who has Fortitude to face life challenges, Excellence to define my victories and expand my horizon, and Uprightness to live a just and right life,” Labrador explained.

Truly, not only does FEU instill in its learners to be globally competitive and critical thinkers but also the prime essence of core values to not only be professionally competent and service-oriented but to be morally upright citizens.

“It has equipped me with knowledge, experience, and wisdom for the real world. As a Communication graduate, I will also uphold our department’s mantra: “May Alam, May Pakialam” as I enter the industry,” Juliano shared as he committed to embodying the FEU DepComm’s mantra of social awareness and involvement.

With FEU core values intact in their mind and heart, these Tamaraws’ admirable strength of character and embedded fortitude serve as a moral compass as they trudge upon the real world. 

Over the past four challenging years, growing and learning are the key aspects that took the forefront in honing and personifying the core values of a true Tamaraw. Geared with profound knowledge, equipped for excellence, and armored with character–Tamaraw graduates are ready to take on and conquer the real world in the hopes of creating ripples of change.