FEUCSO, IHSN SC call action for MedTech dept concerns

FEU Advocate
July 19, 2023 17:53

By Aimerose C. Atienza

Far Eastern University (FEU) Central Student Organization (CSO) and the Institute of Health Sciences and Nursing Student Council (IHSN SC) urged the Administration for system recalibration and concrete action concerning the issues of the students’ welfare in the Medical Technology (MT) department.

In a statement released by FEUCSO, the Administration and the said department failed to prevent tragedies with its lapses following the death of third year MT student Keilo Acuin.

“The lack of professors throughout the academic year, disparities in lectures and learning materials, and the rigorous expectations that all led to a significant amount of students who were unable to qualify for internship. The unexpected implementation of new passing requirements for the MEET Program in the Medical Technology department, without prior consultation with the student body, created dilemmas and risks for incoming 4th year students,” the statement read.

FEU IHSN SC also brought up the same issues with the existing curriculum of the MT department that led to more problems among students enrolled in the program.

“Nonetheless, we, the students, have still encountered recurring problems with the curriculum itself. The late entry of professors during the start of a semester, the lack of learning materials that should have been provided to the students, the constant irregularities among the guidelines given by the departments, and the unsystematic implementation of policies,” the IHSN SC statement noted.

The Institute Council added the predicament in some cases of sudden deployment for clinical duties, completion of required clinical cases, and inadequate slots for Nursing students during hospital duties “significantly compromised the welfare of the student body and their capacity to perform academically”.

According to the statement, the lack of discourse with the student body regarding the systemic changes should no longer be tolerated as it immensely deprives the students to amplify their concerns freely.

In light of the issue, FEUCSO appealed for a pro-student system to alleviate the mental health and well-being of the students.

“Once and for all, we urge the institution to uphold a pro-student system: One that values the mental health and overall well-being of the students. This necessitates fostering an environment in which students feel supported, empowered, and valued, not only for their academic achievements but for their holistic growth as individuals. It is our collective responsibility to create a safe space within our community to ensure that such a tragedy never occurs again,” it ended. 

Various Institute Councils and academic organizations also sympathized with the concerns of the Medical Technology student body in the statement released by FEUCSO.

(Photo courtesy of FEUCSO and IHSN SC Facebook)