The Poisonous Ichor

FEU Advocate
October 23, 2022 05:44

The guard of Olympus had it all:
strength of ten men, devourer of beast,
Achiever of task, alien to fear
Oh, indeed! He was envied by many.

Earned warrior and hero to men,
But still pain he felt, from pain he bent,
Heracles’ eternal hell, that poisonous ichor!
Alas! came the quest, to the final days Heracles is sung.

Heracles, spawn of the king of Thunder and Gods, 
Once sung and praised by mortals
Wished to take his last breath, 
Meet Charon in the river of Styx, granting his eternal rest. 

The God of strength and heroes
No matter what title, he knew sorrow
Could this be? A God, submitting to pain?
Yet lies Heracles, lifeless. Alone in the pits of the Underworld.  

-Rowell E. Jallorina Jr.