WRP student waiver under FEUCSO scrutiny 

FEU Advocate
February 29, 2024 13:43

By Randy Espares Jr. 

#NewsBites: Far Eastern University Central Student Organization (FEUCSO) is reviewing the student waiver form released by the Wellness and Recreation Program (WRP) Department on Canvas earlier today, February 29. 

In a Facebook post, FEUCSO is currently assessing the waiver because of “potential implications” the form might have towards students. 

WRP released the form together with a Physical Activity Readiness - Questionnaire through WRP on Canvas. 

According to the waiver, students shall assume responsibility for their personal safety during WRP activities. 

Additionally, the waiver holds students liable for any self-inflicted injuries they may sustain while participating in the recreation programs. 

Students enrolled in WRP courses are required to answer the form until March 9. 

FEUCSO urged students to carefully read and analyze the student waiver before signing.