Will Mikhael's Anticipated "(I’m So) Into You" Music Video, a Visual Spectacle Crafted by FEU Digital Cinema Students in Collaboration with Universal Records

FEU Advocate
December 20, 2023 06:28

Manila, Philippines — Universal Records Inc. proudly announces the anticipated release of the official music video for "(I’m So) Into You," a soulful single by the rising Cebuano artist, Will Mikhael. Produced in collaboration with Far Eastern University (FEU) Digital Cinema students, this creative partnership promises to deliver a captivating visual narrative that harmonizes seamlessly with the artist's unique musical style.

The music video also starred by Eliah Regio, Ralf Eleosida and Eli Karl Calma promises to be a celebration of both sound and sight, showcasing the enchanting visuals and cultural richness of Binondo, Manila. This picturesque backdrop serves as the perfect complement to Will Mikhael's distinctive sound, creating an immersive experience that is bound to resonate with audiences.

In a groundbreaking display of collaboration, the students from FEU and Will Mikhael unite their raw talents and skills, highlighting the immense potential for synergy between up-and-coming musical artists and aspiring filmmakers within the industry.

Led by the director and editor Axl Edison, the creative force behind Salimbayan Films, this collaborative effort brings together a talented ensemble. Jameil Adal serves as Assistant Director, Paolo Navarro as Producer and Production Manager, Kai Noval as Director of Photography, Jomz Caagbay and Kiara Ricamara as Production Designers, Anriane Sablan and Dheyleen Cruz as Wardrobe, Trisha See and Dharra Manalo as Hair and Make-up Artists, Mariel Maga as Script Continuity, Chariz Dudas as BTS, Ethan Bardaje as Layout Artist, Clark Montalban and Yuan Liangco as Camera Operators and Gaffer, Ashley Reyes as Location Manager, and Jimwel Tablante as Production Assistant.

Under the creative supervision of Jerome Vargas, alongside Will Mikhael’s manager Anj Abad and UR Label representative Dan Eligado, this collaborative venture underscores the potential for extraordinary outcomes when diverse talents unite.

The highly anticipated official music video for "(I’m So) Into You" is set to be unleashed soon, promising a visual feast that mirrors the dynamic fusion of musical artistry and the creative prowess of budding filmmakers. Brace yourselves for a compelling journey that transcends musical and visual boundaries, brought to you by the collaborative spirit of Will Mikhael, FEU Digital Cinema students, and Universal Records Inc.

(Photo courtesy of Salimbayan Films)