The Idolatry

FEU Advocate
July 27, 2021 13:02

By James Pascua

The smoke was coursing through my lungs. Inhale, savor the grass, exhale. Around me are my henchmen, soaring high as the number of my debt. Beside me, I saw a cloud of smoke hovering in front of Walnut’s face. Laughing idly by himself, he looked up before mouthing the word “”

To my right, I saw Duke, looking up at the empty ceiling. Too softly he whispered, “amen.”

Right across Duke, there sat Pebbles. Clasping her long hair, she gently moaned the word “” 

“Are my people okay?” I asked. “Amen!” shouted Walnut, still holding his joint. 

“Are they protected?” I further inquired. “Amen!” answered Duke, still looking up.

“Are we back to normal yet?” I asked. “Amen!” moaned Pebbles. “Amen,” they kept on saying.

I light up my spliff before breathing in the sweet grass. Feeling a great sense of euphoria, I can’t help myself, “Am I a good leader?” I asked all three. “Amen!” everyone answered in unison, an orchestra of hammered men. Still feeling elated, I cannot help but giggle—oh, the flattery!

(Illustration by Teresa Violeta Ocfemia)