#TamsOnTheStreet: Tamaraws sing their New Year’s resolution

FEU Advocate
January 28, 2024 10:38

Music has always been a way for us to make connections with our friends, situationships, memories, and even hardships. In this TamKTV-themed #TamsOnTheStreet (TOTS) installment, we asked fellow Tamaraws to describe their 2023 and what they look forward to in 2024 using the lyrics of their favorite song.

1.Sofia Awat - Fourth-year, BA Political Science
Song: Lover by Taylor Swift

Sofia Awat’s current favorite song, Lover by Taylor Swift, helps her reflect back on her years in Far Eastern University as she approaches graduation season. For the fourth-year Political Science student, this is her place and she makes the call.

Sa akin ano, yung line na ‘can we always be this close,’ as someone na graduating na, maraming kang ma-mimiss na friends mo, ka-batchmates mo, and professors mo sa FEU, and also the memories. So, parang thinking na mag ga-graduate na, thinking na, can we always be this close, gano’n.”

2. Willialyn Sudduth - Fourth-year, BA Political Science
Song: Empty Space by James Arthur

Willialyn Sudduth shared a slice of her love life with her TamKTV pick, Empty Space by James Arthur. For Sudduth, she looks back at 2023 with realizations about love and friendship.

Sa akin kasi, may line ‘dun na parang sinabi niya na, ‘I wanna tell my friends but I don’t think they would understand,’ para sa love life. Parang gusto niya i-share sa friends niya, pero feeling niya hindi siya maiintindihan ng mga friends niya.

3. Hannah Julianna Gloria - First-year, BS Medical Technology
Song: Lackin’ by Denise Julia

Hannah Julianna Gloria’s current anthem is Lackin’ by Denise Julia. The first-year Medical Technology student reflected on her 2023 by taking a look at the people she let go in order for her to truly flourish in the new year.

Yung lyrics na ‘I let someone like you ruin my energy,’ kasi mayroong din people dati na parang nakaka-drain sila ng energy. Kasi, kailangan ko i-reach ang expectations nila sa friendship namin, so I want na ibahin nalang ‘yun.”

4. Mark Gregory Ace Espeleta - First-year, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
Song: Lucky by Britney Spears

Mark Gregory Ace Espeleta’s TamKTV is Lucky by Britney Spears. For the first-year HRM student, Britney’s life inspired him to bet on his luck as well.

Yung chorus na, ‘she's so lucky, she's a star, but she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking, if there's nothing missing in my life, then why do these tears come at night?’ dahil I’m so lucky naman din na syempre, as a person, I’m hardworking and may perseverance rin ako. Kahit anong mangyari, masaya pa rin ako, and I really want to achieve, aside from being lucky, being a hardworking person.”

5. Adrian Carlo Sandoval - Third-year, BS Medical Technology
Song: Na Na Na by BINI

Adrian Carlo Sandoval will perform Na Na Na by BINI for his TamKTV solo stage. For Sandoval, 2024 will be his time to bring in the love.

Siguro I want to, gusto ko ma-experience, yung love. Tas ‘yong magiging song ‘yung ano, ‘na-na-na-na-nahuhulog ang loob.’”

6. Christine Grace Lim - Second-year, BS Psychology
Song: Betelgeuse by Yuuri

Christine Grace Lim shared how her favorite K-pop group inspired her current obsession song, Betelgeuse by Yuuri. For the second-year Psychology student, she remains hopeful for the opportunities of the new year. 

“For 2024, may lyrics dito na, ‘we promised far and away, a never-ending Betelgeuse,’ and for context, the Betelgeuse is one of the most luminous star in the Orion constellation. So parang ngayon na 2024 na, inevitably we will experience our ups and downs, mga darkest moments, pero hopefully as of 2024, just like the Betelgeuse star, sana ma-illuminate pa rin ang year ko for this year.

7. Hannah Bea Louise Noche - Second-year, BS Psychology
Song: My Heart It Beats For You by grentperez

Hannah Bea Louise Noche gets all lovey-dovey as she shares her favorite song, My Heart It Beats For You by grentperez. Let's see who her heart beats for this Valentine’s Day. #TamsOnTheStreet

Yung sa dulo na, ‘no matter what the future holds, para sayo lang tumitibok ang puso ko.’”

8. Cesar III Nora - Second-year, BS Psychology
Song: Krystal by Matt Maltese

Cesar III Nora’s TamKTV pick is a classic from his favorite artist, Krystal by Matt Maltese. The second-year Psychology student hopes to find his “crystal” this 2024.

“There’s a part where yung lyrics ay, ‘K’s eyes are like first prize,’ so pag ci-nonnect ko sa 2024, sana mahanap ako 'yung mata ng taong hinahanap ko, kasi ayun nga po ang first prize.”

9. Maui Jagmis - Third-year, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
Song: Tingin by Cup of Joe and Janine

Maui Jagmis picked Tingin by Cup of Joe and Janine as her TamKTV song. She reflected back on her second year era during 2023 and how much she missed those messy yet meaningful moments.

“‘Yung ‘’di pinapansin, ingay sa tabi, magulong kapaligiran, sa 'yo lang ang tingin,’ parang aalahanin ko ang second year ko, Nakakamiss lang. Kahit magulo ang mga subjects, mabigat ang mga subjects, parang na eenjoy mo ‘yung moment kasi kasama mo ang mga kaibigan mo.”

10. Regina Paguirigan - Third-year, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
Song: Fly Up (feat. Door) by Hwang Chang Young

Regina Paguirigan’s current favorite song is Fly Up (feat. Door) by Hwang Chang Young. For the third-year HRM student, 2024 will bring in a new era of self love and confidence.

“‘’Mom, I’m sorry to you too, I love myself like you do,’ Sana, unconditionally ko rin mahalin ang sarili ko.”

“What song lyrics would describe your 2023 experiences and 2024 expectations?”

-Angelo Copon