Tams Bookstore transfers location, prepares for store upgrades

FEU Advocate
January 11, 2024 13:03

By Lynette Joy A. Pasajol

Far Eastern University’s (FEU) Tams Bookstore (TBS) temporarily relocated to Nicanor Reyes Hall (NRH) Room 108 aligning with ongoing improvements in the Science Building and the store's space upgrade initiative last Monday, January 8.

TBS will occupy the space at NRH 108 for a six-month period, starting from January to June 2024.

In an interview with FEU Advocate, Tams Bookstore Manager Gwenn Jessica Galvez explained the strategic advantage of the new location. 

“The location is still near our main store in the Science Building and is quite accessible to students coming from gate two and the library,” she said.

Further, she shared that the relocation's broader strategy involves the bookstore's plan to enhance the physical space.

“The renovation is part of the bookstore plan to improve the physical space of our stores to accommodate more customers and more merchandise. We are constantly improving our online sales service for courseware and uniforms to reduce the long lines in the stores,” Galvez stated.

Customers can anticipate changes in services and offerings due to this relocation, including new merchandise additions such as coffee mugs, water containers, tote bags, and crochet hats.

Galvez outlined plans for the renovation of both the main store and the Senior High School branch to improve customer accessibility.

Additionally, TBS will implement a reduce plastic program, discontinuing the use of single-use plastics for wrapping merchandise.

Customers are encouraged to contribute to the sustainability initiative by bringing their own bags when making purchases

Galvez also revealed upcoming releases, including new uniforms using customized FEU fabric for Psychology students and a new set of scrub uniforms for Medical Technology and Nursing students. 

Course codes and university uniforms will also be available online through the TBS application to lessen long queues within the physical stores.

TBS is set to reopen in June, following an upgrade to their physical spaces with a more expansive display area and a well-lit store.