#TAMFoodtrip: Hidden Gems of FEU Canteens

FEU Advocate
September 27, 2022 10:02

By John Vincent Cruz and Jemina Eunice De Leon

Finding what to eat in between classes may be a hassle for some Tamaraws because of the wide variety of foods offered by canteens in and out of the campus. But with these hidden gems, you will surely forget the “Kahit saan” remarks as we present you with our first series of #TAMFoodtrip! 

Aside from its quality education, what makes Far Eastern University (FEU) special is the wide-variety of foods FEU canteens can offer. And in this episode, we asked the Tamaraw community what they think about the featured foods and their rating. From Tayuman down to the Food Court, FEU has something for Tamaraws who are on a tight budget but also want to satisfy their palate!

1. Sweet Treat Zone, Oatmeal Bar

“Ate, isa nga pong oatmeal bar, ‘yung trending!”

Have you heard of the notorious oatmeal bar from One FEU Community? This is what the Sweet Treat Zone is offering–a perfect breakfast-on-the-go light snack between classes. Just be sure to get them early in the day though, because the line to get your hands on these sweet treats is surely a blockbuster! 

2. Mel-g Snack Shack, Mango Graham Shake

A mix of mango, condensed milk, graham powder, and ice, the mango graham shake by Mel-g Snack Shack is a refreshing beverage to bring anywhere on campus. Affordable, filling, and cool, the drink also hits just the spot if you’re looking for something sweet. You will surely mango-go-go with this drink on a hot summer day!

3. FEU Consumers Cooperative Food Outlet, Tayuman, Hotdog Bread (Official: Sausage Wrap)

“Jumbo hotdog, kaya mo ba ‘to?” is what Tayuman’s sausage wrap can offer. 

An underrated find from the FEU Consumers Cooperative Food Outlet, the go-to savory snack is a sausage wrapped in homemade dough and is baked to perfection. Do not worry if you feel like you will run out when you buy too late, as the sellers are always ready for another batch.

4. Marley’s Kitchen, Spam and egg rice

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Marley’s Kitchen surely knows the way! With its spam and egg rice, one will surely get the fit-for-all type of meal. Served hot and freshly cooked, spam rice is great for students on a tight budget looking for good, delicious food. You can choose how they cook your egg, scrambled or even sunny-side up too!

5. Foodie Catcher, Fried Noodles

Perfect for slurpers on the go, Foodie Catcher’s fried noodles will surely deliver appetizing flavor at an affordable price. Students raved about the inexpensive meal since the stall’s opening last August 2022, praising the distinct crispiness of the noodles and its broad selection of sauces like teriyaki, peanut, and oyster sauce that cater to many taste buds. 

6. KM Grubs, Pork Tonkatsu

KM Grubs' Pork Tonkatsu is a head-turner for most Tamaraws passing through the ENB canteen due to its enormous size and cheap price. Truly a bang for your buck, they offer four different sauces—spicy, cheese, gravy, and teriyaki. 

7. Mura Tempura, Tempura Meal

True to their name, Mura Tempura offers its budget-friendly tempura to the Tamaraws (this is not a tongue twister, Tamaraws!) An unusual find in the cafeteria, Mura Tempura offers their take on the Japanese meal, freshly fried upon ordering. They also sell fried tofu as a complement for the tempura. Considering its price and quantity, it is surely worth the try! 

8. Joivie Food Kios, Arabica Coffee

No need to travel the world to try the Ethiopian coffee experience as Joivie’s Food Kios will bring you the Arabian feels. Unlike the usual coffee around campus, Joivie Food Kios offers freshly brewed Arabica coffee that invigorates the senses of a sleep deprived Tamaraw. One sip from this potent yet affordable drink will ensure you to ace your academic tasks without feeling sluggish and tired! 

9. Nomnominom, 1L Drinks

Never do not mind sharing a drink! Because in the middle of a bright and sunny day, Nomnominom’s giant-sized drinks are more than enough to quench the thirst of any student. Offering a wide variety of beverages, Tamaraws will not be having a hard time choosing what suits their personal taste and preference. The best-selling drinks are Lemon Iced Tea, Milo Dinosaur, and Blue Lemonade.

10. Twister Fries

Let's twist and shout with goodness with the Twister Fries that the ABB canteen is offering! 

In the corner of the ABB Canteen lies the Twister Fries that IABF students adore and enjoy, mainly due to its taste and accessibility. The stall also offers other potato-based finger foods, such as fries and hash browns. As far as flavoring goes, the top picks are Barbecue and Sour Cream.

11. Frieny Food House, Cheesesticks

No need to go out in the streets to buy some snacks, as Frieny Food House’s cheesesticks will definitely make you want to stay inside! An oldie but a goodie, the highly coveted snack is a staple in the green and gold community since 2019—providing comfort for students in between hectic schedules. Loyal customers cite the distinct cheese flavoring and convenience as the key reasons why they keep coming back for more.
12. Sweet Treat Zone, Sandwich
A zone for light snacks, Sweet Treat Zone offers their sandwiches. With tuna or chicken mixed in mayonnaise or the plain-old ham and egg, these sandwiches are the kind of grab-and-go meal that will fill up Tamaraws even on busy days.