Silent Prayers, Hidden Hues

FEU Advocate
July 03, 2024 19:37

"Pathetic!" you roar in my ear. 
Oh, lion of Judah, I am on my knees. 
Please, accept this piece of my stinging flesh,
And open the gates that barricade my fears. 

Wash my words with deep indigo,
Feed me with dough pounded thin. 
Raise your hands and speak the language of tongues,
For a soul like me that has greatly sinned. 

Clasp my hands and pull my hair,
“There is immorality in your veins."
Burn my skin and cut my lip,
And watch as fear binds me in chains. 

I yield! I surrender!
Lift a hand, shoot a spear to my heart. 
I yearn for the acceptance I know I deserve,
Even at the expense of being torn apart.

- Allyah Jenris C. Allam
(Illustration by Darlyn Antoinette Baybayon/FEU Advocate)