Revolutionary Leader: A fuel igniting change

FEU Advocate
July 01, 2016 21:08

By Marissa Castro

Whilst courageous heroes emerge in the historical wars of the country, today a remarkable leader triumphantly rises in the nation’s epic battle for the throne. Armed with skillful tactics, a notable leadership style and a hint of charisma, the 16th President of the Republic Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte may have ignited a revolution for change.

Coincidentally, Digong has traits possessed by a few Philippine heroes, joining their ranks and making him, for some, an image of contemporary revolution, a leader that can make a difference.

Unconventional Leadership

Fearsome and strict, the two words that might describe the leadership style of the new Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, President Duterte. With the rampant crimes in the land, a disciplinarian was chosen by the people to lead the country.

Reflecting the present, the country also faced a great number of battles against the conquerors that was fought by several heroes: a great and aggressive general, Antonio Luna, and a young but valiant Gregorio del Pilar. Like these brave soldiers, Duterte is renowned for his toughness and fierceness, even labeled as “The Punisher” for confessing his links to groups accused of killing of criminals.

Although not everyone, a great number of supporters believe that the country is in dire of an iron fist. Hoping for national peace and safety, a mayor from one of the safest city in the world –Davao City- was elected.

“The change that most Filipinos are longing for are found by many of us in President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. For me, his fearsome leadership style will affect the success of his administration because fear imparted in the minds of Filipino people can forced them to discipline themselves, to make this country crime-free as what Duterte promised during his campaigns. His success can only be answered by our countrymen at the end of his term, whether we are satisfied or we still crave for the 'change' he promised us,” uttered Michael Pepz Datuin, incoming fourth year BS Electrical Engineering.

In a democratic nation with widespread felony and crisis, the people desire a different type of leadership that will correct the flawed system of the country. Like the fierce and courageous heroes of the past, the strictness and firm willpower of the new president will be his weapons in the country’s battle for a change.

Awakening Influence

In every war this country combatted, the nationalism of the countrymen was ignited, not only by valiant acts alone, but also by powerful words. Similarly, just recently, the nation’s public spirit was animated by the compelling and often entertaining speeches of the Philippines’ Dirty Harry.

More than a century ago, a courageous revolutionary leader, Andres Bonifacio enthuse the uprising through his epic speeches that emboldened his fellowmen to pursue the insurgence for liberty. Equipped with both combat expertise and effective rhetorics, he successfully led the Philippine revolution as the Supremo of the Samahang Kataastaasan, Kagalang-galang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan.

In the same manner, the new president possesses effective communication skills and an undeniable charisma. Sharing his economic and political viewpoints with added sarcasm and humor, he suddenly gained an enormous sea of supporters. Sweeping the country with his strong public appeal, his campaigns seemed to a depict revolutionary movement.

Although Duterte is criticized for his harsh comments on sensitive issues, he can still make people enthusiastically listen to him - even make them believe the almost far-fetching promises.

“I can say that he's a good orator for being able to move the nation by his words even though the people don't personally know him. Supported by his accomplishments as a mayor, it is of great advantage for him to be able to influence and gather supporters. That's why as the President-elect, he may say that he'll try to solve crime and drug related problems in 3-6 months, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Because, as a matter of fact he already did something about it in Davao, a manifestation that he knows what to do and that he can and he will,” shared Kent Straus Mercado, incoming third year BS Medical Technology.

Speaking the language of the masses, his frank statements are much-admired by a mind-boggling count of constituents. Showing his words are not empty words nor mere hypocrisy, his promises are backed by his accomplishments - the reason why he has the trust of the majority of the citizens. Indeed, with his eloquence and strong charisma, Duterte has the power to awaken and mobilize the country.

Image of Change

In the Philippine history, sovereignty was fought by brave men who thirst for change. In this era, the nation longs for a leader who understands their misery from poverty and injustice to other social problems.

From the mainland of Mindanao, Sultan Muhammad Kudarat, a ruler for more than half a century, protected his people from the conquerors amidst the downfall of the reigns in the northern part of the country. Having to pioneer the fight against the invaders, his regime was considered one of the most colorful in Philippine history.

Likewise, in this age, an unorthodox leader from the South emerged as a symbol of change amidst the widespread political stereotyping. His reign in Davao has astounded a country, like the Philippines, who longs for a leader who can make a difference. This made it easier for him to send his message across to people and made it easier for them to trust him.

A crowd of thousands of supporters engaged in his whole journey to Malacañang, hoping for a leader who will fight and win the battle against corruption, injustice and poverty. “Change is coming”, a line that is tagged to the first ever Mindanaoan president as he attempts to fulfill his promise to the Filipino people.

For a nation of brave free men, revolution starts with the people’s immense craving for change and a leader who has courage and a heart loyal to the commonwealth. Like the Philippine heroes who fought for the country with overwhelming patriotism, Duterte moved millions of Filipinos and awakened their nationalism, leading a mighty revolution for a better Philippines.