Pandemic's Heaven and Hell

FEU Advocate
March 24, 2020 22:53

Spare Time

There is so much time left! From my balcony,
I can tell, this must be cue to leisure.
Fulfill all you can, oversee through the screens,
Overlook the far sights, what else can I do?

There is no sense for you to fret.
The distance in need now does not seem unfamiliar.
Hasn’t social-divide all we’ve known in nature?
There is so much time left! Let us trust who I do.

Let things fall apart, so long as I am aside.
There is so much time left! Yet not enough for you to starve.
Let rules be abided, so long as I keep my place.
They serve us both, so long as both is only I.

How could order be met, if against it you speak?
The order so inherent, where I before you
As the alphabet, should you have time to learn.
There is so much time left! Time only I can afford.

- Anjelica Feliz Dueñas
Illustration by Shiena Sanchez

Spare Hope

How much time do I have left?
If time is what they couldn't give me.
Trapped behind doors,
Is this what they call a sanctuary?

If with this distance, I lose my living chance,
What would I eat with these empty, rugged hands?
If in the comforts of my cold cemented bed, I dread:
How much time do I have left?

When things fall apart, do I fall with it--
If in your system, I do not submit?
Caught in this mess, you robbed me defenseless;
How much time do I have left?

Shortly after your orders were passed,
The ladder gleamed evident, I can only watch.
Time who ticks for a penny, judgment is yours.
Oh, how much do I have left?

- Amor Ocfemia
Illustration by Shiena Sanchez