In a Student’s Memory

FEU Advocate
September 27, 2021 11:05

by Prince Thomas Siñel 

If there’d be a trip to memory lane, I’ll always go back to my first and favorite class in Grade 10. It was English, taught by one of the most dedicated teachers I’ve ever met—Ma’am Elle. Sometimes, I’d see her with us right before the flag ceremony. Her hair is always tied up, along with her remarkable baby face, an average height, and probably around her 30s. She’d also be in our lanes during our Catholic mass—even though we won’t have a class afterward because of it. Eventually, she’d accompany us heading to the room after the ceremony or mass. 

We’d have this ‘Word of the Day’ session reporting about an interesting word, its meaning, and sentence usage for us to enrich our vocabulary. The first time I recited, she asked my name.

“Gian, ma’am,” I told her.

"Gian." She paused, "what a nice name." She smiled.

Once, she was discussing "Orpheus,"  and thankfully, I always made sure that I studied beforehand. Ma'am Elle explored the story and made it her own, but she also got to share bits of it in the class. We shared analyses and experiences of being broken, conquering fears, and artwork hobby—all revolving around the text. Finally, she reminded us that we have to believe in ourselves no matter what, as opposed to what Orpheus did. I’m thankful for the life lessons she taught us!

Ma’am Elle is a genuine person as she’d always laugh with us, enough to radiate happiness to the four corners of the room. Whenever I meet her in the corridors, canteen, and library, she’d always wave and smile at me. Aside from her excellent teaching, I’d also never forget how friendly and welcoming she was.

I can’t help but reminisce about those times when I had Ma’am Elle as my English teacher. As the murmuring of students in their graduation gowns arises with the overflowing cheers of the parents, I approach her as she stands right in front of the bleachers. Pride is evident through her smile.

“Ma’am, I’ll bring with me in Senior High all the learning experiences I got from you.” She taps me on my arm.

“Gian, all I want is for every one of you to succeed, and I’m sure that you will all make it.” I initiate a selfie with her and embrace her—before I go back to my seat to say goodbye to my friends, classmates, and milestones of my academic life. 

(Design by Ciara Casmir N. Lasdoce)