Midnight Mayhem: Tamaraw Edition

FEU Advocate
October 24, 2022 08:00

By John Vincent C. Cruz and Jemina Eunice G. De Leon

As the clock struck twelve last October 21, Taylor Swift's highly anticipated album “Midnights” caused a wave of chaotic mayhem among Filipino Swifties, including the FEU Tamaraws.  This record encapsulates the ponderings that keep us awake at night, whether you’re preparing for a long quiz or simply having your me-time at your favorite spot on campus.

Many things come to mind once we hear the name Taylor Swift—the dazzling star, the living legend, the manipulative serial dater. At this point, it is easy to be swayed by what we read online about her, but one thing that remains true is her incomparable and prolific songwriting. Swift is no stranger to making hits, as apparent in her extensive discography. From power anthems to romantic ballads, she has left a permanent mark by providing the soundtracks of our lives. 

In the midst of re-recording her previous studio albums, Swift took the world by storm by releasing yet another body of work that captures our deepest fears during the ungodly hours. Inspired by fervent love, deep sadness, intrusive thoughts, and vindictive revenge, the songstress never fails to mystify her listeners with her catchy melodies and tear-jerking lyrics. 

Perhaps this album release is timely for the Tamaraws after a vigorous and busy midterm week. While we take our time to recharge and move forward with our academic endeavors, here are song recommendations from the record that would perfectly fit into the Tamaraw daily routine.

  1. Main character energy

Lavender Haze, Vigilante Sh*t, Bejeweled

“When I walk in the room, I can still make the whole place shimmer.”

Do not be fooled by the opening track’s innocent name, as “Lavender Haze” immaculately sets the tone of the album—dark, bold, and groovy. With the thundering beat drops of "Vigilante Sh*t" and the infectious confidence of "Bejeweled," one will indeed have the courage to seize the day, radiating main character energy while walking past the hallways of the University.

  1. Best study music 

Snow on the Beach, Labyrinth, Bigger Than The Whole Sky, High Infidelity

“Breathe in, breathe through. Breathe deep, breathe out.”

Whether you’re studying in the library or having a mouse moment at Freedom Park, these tracks can help you burn the midnight oil. Songs like “Bigger than the Whole Sky” and “High Infidelity” bring an indescribable feeling of calmness and peace with their mellow and soft production. “Snow on the Beach” is a brilliant collaboration with fellow singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey, which may inspire you to step up your writing skills and widen your vocabulary. Swift also reminds you to take a break with “Labyrinth” by practicing the art of breathing in and out.

  1. Night out with friends 

Maroon, Karma, Paris

“Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend.”

After a long day of meeting deadlines, these feel-good songs will make you loosen up, let your hair down, and dance nonstop! Despite being a love song, “Maroon” will get your groove on with its electrifying bass beat, while "Paris" is the ideal song to listen to during road trips with friends. If you are looking for a potential TikTok song to dance to, “Karma” is the perfect bop, thanks to its catchy chorus.

  1. Lounging in lovers’ lane

Sweet Nothing, Midnight Rain, Mastermind

“He was sunshine, I was midnight rain.”

Swift never disappoints when it comes to writing love songs. It is a no-brainer as she drew inspiration from her six-year relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn. But unlike her usual love songs, these tracks examine the complexities and various aspects of being in a romantic affair. “Midnight Rain” and “Sweet Nothing” explore the different expectations of two lovers in a relationship. As a self-proclaimed trier, Swift recognized that relationships take significant strides to work, which is evident in “Mastermind.” 

  1. Sad girl energy during witching hours

Anti-Hero, You’re On Your Own, Kid, Question…?

“It’s me, hi. I’m the problem, it’s me.”

Nights full of existential crises are typical for a college student, where we feel like we are our own enemies. Described as her favorite song on the record, “Anti-Hero” delves deep down into Swift’s insecurities and fragilities. Sonically, the song has an upbeat tempo but talks about matters that we worry about frantically, inducing childlike vulnerability. In “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” the songstress reminisced on her life experiences with a mature perspective—from her turbulent relationships to scrutiny thrown at her by the media. 

Indeed a force to be reckoned with, the musical genius establishes herself once again as one of the greatest entertainers of our time, continuing to write songs that evoke bone-deep emotions within her listeners. This latest project reminds us that, like her, we should be able to move forward and live life while coming to terms with our deep-rooted insecurities. Breaking down, breaking through, or feeling the intricacies of falling in love, there is a Taylor Swift song that resonates with our unique circumstances.