Jiggy Manicad visits FEU

FEU Advocate
March 26, 2016 05:59

By Rhod Jessie S. Barrera
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In collaboration with Far Eastern University (FEU) Communication Society (CommSoc), GMA 7 news reporter Jiggy Manicad conducted a seminar entitled “Jiggy Manicad TV Lectures” at the University Conference Center (UCC) on March 11 from 9:30AM to 12 noon.

According from the official Facebook page account of Jiggy Manicad TV Lectures, the event is a series of seminars on news, documentary, and film production which are conceptualized to give students the chance to learn and interact with experts and practitioners in the field.

Also, one of its goals is “to educate students, from public and private schools, the basics of broadcast journalism and the responsibility that goes with the job, and the techniques employed in documentary and film production”.

Jiggy Manicad TV Lectures was hosted by Syrine Podadera, Fourth Year Communication student. It started with an opening prayer led by Mike Halili, CommSoc Vice President and followed by the singing of National Anthem. Moreover, Clariele Gatdula, CommSoc Secretary presented the opening remarks. Speakers were GMA 7 Film and Television Screen Writer Cris Lim and Manicad himself.

Lim was the first speaker in the seminar. According to him, the skills needed to be a good writer are observation, experience, knowledge, information, dedication and imagination. He also shared his experiences as a creative writer and encouraged the students to have originality and accountability in the media industry.

The last speaker was Manicad and he showed some of his coverage over the past 11 years. Manicad ended his lecture by sharing steps in producing a good story: start with a concept, do the research, assess the story for visuals, check your logistics, do the interview, shoot the sitners, write your script, choose the best sound bites, edit your materials and broadcast your story.

Both talks were ended with an Open Forum. Further, CommSoc President Kenzo Gan delivered his closing remarks and followed by awarding of certificates led by Department of Communication Program Head Karen Lee Panela.