In the Eyes of the Captive

FEU Advocate
June 29, 2024 18:58

In a cage of steel and sorrow, I coil,
A serpent trapped, denied of soil.
Eyes that once knew freedom's grace,
Now glimpse despair in this confined space.

They come to gaze, to leer, to taunt,
In this steel prison where shadows haunt.
I am the predator, they say with scorn,
Yet it's humans who are more forlorn.

Beside me lies a feline friend,
A gift from the caretakers who tend.
Not prey, but solace, soft and warm,
In this abyss where no lights swarm.

We huddle close, the cat and I,
Two prisoners beneath the sky.
Her fur, my scales, a tragic pair,
Bound by a fate that's harsh, unfair.

So gaze upon your serpent friend,
And know this cage is not the end.
For in our bond, a truth you'll find:
The true predators are the humankind.- Josias Je Rellora

- Josias Je Rellora
(Illustration by Alexandra Lim/FEU Advocate)