Indelible Green and Gold Experience: 5 Types of Tamaraws During Foundation Week

FEU Advocate
January 26, 2018 17:04

By Annah Mae S. Collados and Arielly-Anne M. Banuelos

Upstaging the ultimate bucket list, 2018 is a sea of green and gold faces all set to rock the Far Eastern University (FEU) grounds. Upon thriving in 90 years of Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness, Tamaraws are all geared-up to unravel what lies for them during the annual foundation week.

From promenading in a boardwalk of animated booths to skyrocketing one’s bravest cheer during Concierto Piyu, each Tamaraw has one’s own earmark in celebrating the University’s biggest event.

Despite having diverse personas in the FEU community, here are the five common types of Tamaraws one will see during Foundation Week:

1. The Event Organizer

While there are those who stretch jaws in laughter and play until their feet surrender, some students choose to break the ice in a different landscape. These Tamaraws abandon the idea of a college party moment to answer the call of duty for the green-and-gold community.

Setting aside the “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) feels, these students star the roles of working in the production. May it be a student leader or a committee member, their hearts beat for one goal: to pull-off the most exciting show for their fellow Tamaraws.

One of the student leaders who experienced being under pressure for handling an event like Concierto Piyu is Angelo Gambayan, the Director of the Publicity Department of Communication Society-Executive Committee.

“It was challenging and worth it. As an organizer and talent coordinator, it is our job to keep the program flow at ease and smooth. The feeling of pressure and the adrenaline rush is what I love the most and seeing it prosper into something so beautiful makes it all worth it,” Gambayan shares.

By doing so, Gambayan did not only gain new experiences to treasure, but he also found his newborn passion.

“It gives me a purpose, and that is to serve and share each moment with every student. I am happy to see the Tamaraws enjoy the event. It developed my character mostly at listening, quick problem solving and coping with different kinds of people,” he expressed.

For some, having fun may be confined to the idea of charging with a crowd, but for young Tamaraws like Gambayan, fun is labeled in the seven-letter key called “service.”

2. The Booth Hopper

Color-filled booths start to capture the University’s grounds with Tamaraws roving around looking for a thrilling adventure. Carrying their full-scale smiles, these students are all eager to have their game faces on.

Whether it be the real-deal talented kid, or the undiscovered stand-up comedian in a squad, this herd's target drives in only one direction - never say “no” to fun experiences.

Jolo Iglesia, a twenty-year-old Business Management student, admits to being one of the so-called “suki” of booths and freebies.

“It is entertaining because the level of enjoyment that they give exceeds the expectations of the students. It is what the students are waiting for. It basically gives life to our foundation day. Without these exciting and fun activities our foundation [week] will not be complete,” Iglesia expressed as he describes his booth hopping moments.

It is the warm greeting of vendors and the enthusiastic vibe of the booths that make the Tamaraws feel the festive atmosphere. Far different from the four corners of the classroom, it serves as the students’ opportunity to unwind from academics.

One’s foundation week escapade can never be complete without these sets of “booth fun-natics”. With bundles of giggles and bloopers, the hype of the whole celebration will never run out of energy as long as the activities are able to help create memories.

3. The Concierto Piyu Enthusiast

A wave of green and gold shirts jumping along the beat of their favorite bands’ music while raising their hands in bliss is just one of the annual scenarios that can be seen in the middle of the FEU grandstand as the whole community enjoy one of the most awaited events of the school year.

The Concierto Piyu enthusiasts unite at the grandstand as they scream their hearts out to the bands’ serenade while the concert lights light up the party vibe of the night.

Belonging to this group of enthusiasts is Ana Marie Legaspi, a fourth year Communication student who never missed the fun of the concert.

“Favorite moment ko ‘yung kapag palakas nang palakas ‘yung beat ng kanta tapos sabay-sabay na tatalon lahat ng tao kahit hindi naman pwede (My favorite moment is when the song’s beat gets louder and everyone would jump along together even if it is prohibited),” Legaspi expressed.

Apart from enjoying the music and partaking in somewhat rebellious behavior, pouring her heart out as she sings the masterpieces of her all-time favorite bands will always be at the top of her list.

“Nakakalungkot na last concierto ko na, pero okay lang kasi alam kong magiging masaya naman at solid ang last concierto ko (It is sad to think that this will be my last concert, but it is fine for I know that my last concert would be a fun and solid night),” she shared as she describes her expectations.

This year’s Concierto Piyu may just be another concert yet to pass but for some graduating students like her, this night serves as the sweetest treat that they could ever have before bidding their final farewell.

For these type of Tamaraws, a night spent under the stars (or even rain), with music rocking the grounds and friends to share these unforgettable moments with could just be the best possible way to end one’s foundation week.

4. The Online Reporters

With party games being enjoyed in one corner, various lectures jam-packed with listeners and dozens of food choices provided by concessionaires, these students cannot help but capture the moment and transport it online for the online world to witness.

Aside from spending time to render one’s finest caption yet, accompanied along with the consecutive clicks of that “post” button, these Tamaraws are also eager to spark influence towards their fellow university-mates.

One of these students is Aira Calivo, a third-year Communication student, who regularly posts online about the various activities happening in the University on her Instagram account.

Nakahiligan ko ang pag-po-post online ng mga news o pictures about Foundation Week upang makapag-share sa aking mga kaibigan or sa ibang tao ng mga nangyayari sa FEU (I have been fond of posting online about news or pictures about the foundation week to be able to share with my friends or others what’s happening in FEU),” she expressed.

For cases like this, posting non-stop updates about the events has its perk of storing a Tamaraw’s joyful moments into one full-account, making it easier to walk down memory lane. Similar to a treasure box, soft copies of smiling faces, funny “booth-hopping” moments and food porn shots are found and kept forever.

Calivo takes full advantage of this and overflows her account with memorable moments from the foundation week.

Being an online reporter is not only an advantage one may revel in, flipping to the other side of the coin, these Tamaraws can also bridge the gateway of encouragement for the uninterested Tamaraws, hopefully shedding a light on their firm “no participating foundation-week” stand.

5. The Advantage-takers

If you think you have seen them all, behold, another group of Tamaraws are about to unearth their real morphing skills during foundation week: the staycationers and the industrious band.

Even with all the uniquely colored booths lined up and the sound of laughter traveling the air, this breed of Tamaraws remains unstoppable in escaping the usual university-vibe during foundation week.

After hours of non-stop lectures and discussions, one may think of trading rest with the expense of a green-and-gold party but for these Tamaraws, rest is better spent on a favor of going back home.

Minsan ‘yang mga ‘yan [activity period] na lang [ang] break namin (Sometimes those [activity period] are the only breaks we get,)” Kathrina Lozada, a third year BS Architecture student, shared.

She admitted taking every opportunity to rest even when it means missing all the fun out there inside the university.

However, in the midst of this Y.O.L.O.-ing comes the great stream of overflowing school works and deadlines pressuring these Tamaraws to take advantage of the event instead by spending their time differently.

Some students can be seen cooped in the library, memorizing notes in hushed tones just to review for an upcoming quiz or scribbling down the answers to a paper due within the day.

No one can blame them for skipping out on the fun; they have their own priorities to finish first. Even though their foundation week deviates away from the norms, one thing they know is this: they were able to take full advantage of the one-week rest. '

Whether it be sailing across the pool of party games, taking a breather from academics or posing for the ultimate #SquadGoals, the diversity inside these personas encapsulates everything that an FEU student’s foundation week experience could ever encompass for: sharing the Tamaraw spirit while screaming the words, “Tatak Tamaraw ‘yan! (It’s a Tamaraw’s mark).”