Former FEU-IL associate dean named as new FEU-IL dean

FEU Advocate
January 29, 2023 07:27

Atty. Jose Marlon Pabiton assumed the office of the dean after 9 years of serving Far Eastern University Institute of Law (FEU-IL) as associate dean last January 1.

In an interview with FEU Advocate, Atty. Pabiton expressed his excitement about becoming the new dean of the institute.

“We have been working very hard for the Institute of Law since I started in 2014, and assuming the dean position is a sign that I should never get tired—that I should push harder; and that I should cultivate and grow the team behind the FEU Institute of Law because even if the appointment was handed over by the school authorities, I know that this is a God-given mission that requires the execution of best efforts,” he shared. 

Along with Atty. Pabiton’s enthusiasm as the dean, he also shared his visions for FEU-IL.

The newly-appointed dean aims to “implement the experiential learning paradigm, have learning mechanisms that address the new breed of learners who will take the bar exams, and continue the increase in the bar exam passing rate.”

Atty. Pabiton also plans to improve FEU-IL’s relationship with the alumni along with the local and foreign industry players for the benefit of the institute and the students.

In his nine years as associate dean, Atty. Pabiton established the Law Apprenticeship Program, partnering with courts, government agencies, and private law firms. 

FEU-IL also complied with the new requirement for 2023 Bar Examinations acquiring Level 1 Certification Approval from the Executive Judge of Makati City under his term.

Atty. Pabiton is the sixth dean of FEU-IL replacing Atty. Melencio “Mel” Sta. Maria. Atty. Eirene Jhone Aguilar also succeeded him as the associate dean of the institute.

-Ralph Louise Esma

(Photo courtesy from Mel Sta. Maria's Facebook)

ERRATUM: Atty. Pabiton started working with FEU-IL since 2014 but it was not implied that he was appointed as associate dean for 9 years in an interview with FEU Advocate.