FEU dubbed first Asian university under D4TEP

FEU Advocate
June 16, 2022 01:44

By Maxine Alessandra B. Turiano

Far Eastern University (FEU) has recently partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for its Digital for Tertiary Education Program (D4TEP), making FEU the first university in Asia under the program.

The IFC East Asia Pacific Facebook page announced that FEU is joining the D4TEP last June 8. 

D4TEP is a global network focused on digitalization, designed to aid pandemic and post-pandemic education through the strengthening of universities’ digital strategies and content. The goal of FEU’s engagement is to help the University “thrive in a digital world.”

“We look forward to working with the IFC on digital transformation and graduate employability assessment through Vitae. The D4TEP will provide a comprehensive picture of FEU’s digitalization status and develop a more sure-footed strategic plan for our digital transformation journey,” FEU President Michael Alba shared in a statement.

Further, FEU intends to prepare Tamaraws for the workforce through Vitae, a program by the IFC that provides universities with recommendations and support for future graduates.

“Vitae will help us improve the employability and career trajectories of FEU graduates by developing employability strategies for and career advising services to our students, as well as better aligning academic programs with industry needs through deep and extensive employer engagement,” President Alba said.

Lastly, he shared, “Our hope is that these IFC projects will help FEU improve its execution of its quality-education mission, which is to capacitate the FEU student for the life that she or he aspires for.”

The IFC is the World Bank Group’s private development arm, with investments in private education globally. 

Other D4TEP-partnered institutions exist across various countries, including Colombia, Morocco, and Botswana. Vitae is also present in international universities in Kenya, Egypt, and Peru.