Aliana Rebecah Ruelos
August 28, 2017 19:38

Blood pooled underneath;
Ink seeped through parchment -
Both with hope for a change,
Both with desire for justice.

Black and red flowed
under tangled intentions.
Lines curved to a fiery purpose.
Bullet to the head,
Letters to the world -

Just what exactly makes one a hero?

Pull the trigger,
Cut the throat,
Blood in my hands -
who cares about that?
Retribution and vengeance served quickly.
Bring forth justice in the form of death.

Fingers flipped through pages.
Eyes scanned printed letters.
Tainted hands and jaded heart.
Revolution through writing -
Would words be enough?

A maze towards the same dream.
Different roads we’ve taken.
Written words,
Sharpened weapons.
My dear Filipinos, what kind is your hero?