FEUCSO, ISCs call for academic recovery period

FEU Advocate
October 15, 2021 07:52

Far Eastern University Central Student Organization (FEUCSO), along with Institute Student Councils (ISCs), released a statement last October 12 appealing for a six-day recovery period.

In a Facebook post addressed to Academic Affairs Senior Vice President Maria Trinidad Tinio, the statement outlined that the break will serve as a time for the faculty to focus on giving feedback to outputs and for students to recover from academic requirements. 

If granted, the break will occur alongside the University’s scheduled consultation week, on October 18–23. It also sought postponement of set deadlines during the consultation week.

The appeal was pushed after concerns of additional assessments and a draining academic calendar led to a decline in overall student condition, three months since the start of the academic term.

“In reality, we cannot simply be tagged as pillars of strength when our vigor has been fatigued and exhausted due to months of relentless work,” it said.

Acknowledging the University’s partnership with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in an effort to support unregistered FEU students, the break will also accommodate voter registration of 9,857 eligible students as of August 25. 

Further, FEUCSO stressed the effects of severe tropical storm Maring. Students living in affected areas were taken into consideration since flooding and power interruptions impact academic compliance. 

The letter also states, “...the faculty members will also benefit from the advance directive as they would no longer need to individually negotiate with each of their students.” 

The appeal was also signed by Campus Student Councils FEU Makati & Cavite, as well as all six Institute Student Councils.

Last April, the FEU administration denied FEUCSO’s request for an academic ease, encouraging students to be “pillars of strength to others.”

- Maxine Alessandra B. Turiano