FEU DepComm studes relaunch Charge Radio, NewsDotCOMM

FEU Advocate
December 05, 2023 13:15

Fourth year students of Far Eastern University (FEU) Department of Communication (DepComm) will formally reintroduce FEU Charge Radio and FEU NewsDotCOMM on December 7 at the Arts Building (AB) 204 and 202, respectively.

FEU Charge Radio will serve as the official radio broadcasting arm of DepComm with new video podcasts to feature. These include Recharge Radyo, Kwentong Kwarto, Tambayanan and TamPicks.

In an interview, the organization’s head Edsel Tribdino shared that this relaunch must be looked into given the rarity of radio broadcasting organizations in universities.

“People should watch out for the revival of FEU radio as we're only one of the few universities left without a radio program,” he stated.

Meanwhile, FEU NewsDotCOMM revived the formerly known FEU DepComm News Online by releasing four new segments, including BaliTAM Express, Tams Avenue, The COMMversations and Tumpak: TamFact! last October.

Upholding the mantra “The Voice of the Tamaraws,” the news and current affairs arm of FEU DepComm involved a fresh pool of anchors who will deliver the latest events of the department.

The executive producer of NewsDotCOMM, Aimerose Atienza, thought that the relaunch was a huge challenge for their class.

“I think that it was a big challenge for us since we did not expect that we had to bring an organization back to life, let alone a very time-sensitive one,” she said.

Current adviser of both organizations Babsie Morabe added the excitement he has for the rebirth of the radio and television broadcasting arms of DepComm.

“Now that I am back with the Department of Communication, I’m very happy and I’m very excited… I’m very very excited of what we can offer to the department,” he declared.

The revival of both FEU Charge Radio and FEU NewsDotCOMM was done in fulfillment of their Special Projects class under DepComm.

(Photo courtesy of FEU Charge Radio and FEU NewsDotCOMM)