FEU Architecture student’s post-apocalyptic design among AYDA 2023's top 10

FEU Advocate
April 09, 2024 08:29

Far Eastern University (FEU) fourth-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture student Joram Tapas secured a spot in Asia Young Designer Awards (AYDA) Philippines 2023’s top ten finalists with a post-nuclear war architectural design announced via Nippon Paint AYDA PH’s Facebook page last March 20.

Acknowledging rising conflicts among nuclear-armed nations, Tapas envisioned the country in the midst of a nuclear winter and devised ‘The Meander of Healing Towers’ as a prospective response.

“The project's primary objective is to conceptualize and design an environmentally conscious and responsive structure that not only safeguards its occupants but also as a refuge facility in face of the looming threat and the potential effects of a nuclear war,” he shared in an interview with FEU Advocate.

Inspired by algae and fungi’s adaptability in nature, the architectural design integrates features such as radiation shielding, air filtration systems, and sustainable power sources to promote resilience, sustainability, and security.

Further, the Architecture student noted the Philippines' vulnerability to various hazards and man-made disasters, highlighting the need for a purposeful design that prioritizes safety, healing, and resilience.

“In relation to the problem addressed by the project, the concept then transcends a conventional architectural approach rooted in the dynamic behavior of the Symbiotic Plants as these plants can withstand and adjust to the shifting environmental conditions,” Tapas explained.

Specifically, it aims to provide physical protection as an environmentally responsive shelter solution against the unpredictability of war.

However, Tapas revealed that time constraints had caused him difficulties, resulting in a compromised design that almost made him withdraw from AYDA.

Rising above the difficulty and noting the design’s structure, Tapas believes his project embodies Tamaraws’ bravery.

“Since my project basically promotes resiliency, as a Tamaraw I think it is how it signifies bravery, it is how it is built to face any circumstances, to survive in difficult and adverse situations which what the project addresses to,” he stated.

AYDA is an initiative of Nippon Paint that aims to provide a platform for architecture and interior design students to strengthen their skills and present designs with a cause.

Last September, AYDA 2023 was launched with the theme “CONVERGE: Championing Purposeful Designs,” prompting designs that would address global problems.

The People’s Choice Award winner can be voted on via Facebook shares until April 12.

- Shayne Elizabeth Flores

With reports from Randy Espares Jr.