FEU admin recognizes employees

FEU Advocate
January 31, 2016 16:13

To honor the loyalists and outstanding Far Eastern University (FEU) faculty and employees, 'Banquet: Company Appreciation Day' was held at the Mini Auditorium, January 28.

The guests were welcomed by FEU Bamboo band and FEU Chorale’s performance and hundreds of university employees attended the annual event.

Celebration started with paying respect to Human Resouces Vice President Melinda Macaraig who passed away recently.

The event was hosted by Institute of Education (IE) Associate Dean Dr. Elisa Manalac. She emphasized the motto “Be Brave” as a guiding word to remind the FEU community to face challenges, endure pain and hardship for a higher goal. Moreover to “Lead the Charge,” that reminds the community to have courage to take a step and lead.

Chair, Board of Trustees Aurelio Montinola III enumerated the several upgrades of FEU: 50th story building inauguration; incorporating FEU high school; additional level for Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission On Accreditation (PACUCOA) where Business Management program received first certificate of academic accreditation; and International accreditation for Institute of Hotel and Management (ITHM), and many more.

Montinola also added the 2016 challenge for the community. First, to continue the drive for academic improvement to attain accreditation. Next is the special program for K to 12 which he hopes a long term gain from two-year loss. Lastly, continued partnership in nation building and that is through voting wisely. “We need your help for FEU. If the basketball team bagged the title, so does the academic employees,” he added.

Also, the university recognized the long and faithful service of its human resources. Employees were recognized and given service awards. A total of 20 employees served for 10 years, 35 employees for 15 years, 20 for 20 years, 5 for 30 years, and 4 for 35 years of loyalty were awarded. They were granted with longevity pay and financial reward to those who have served 20 years and over. “I’m so proud. It's my pride to serve FEU,” National Service Training Program (NSTP) head Marilou Cao said.

Model employee award was given to those who showed great performance and competency for more than two years in FEU. Philip Prudencio who served in the Institute of Nursing Dean's office for 17 years, and Maria Christine Bustamante who was recognized for her ability to multitask and accept additional work.

Publication award was awarded to faculties who showcased their knowledge by publishing scholarly journals and/or articles. Awardees were Cherish Aileen Brillon, Jayson Chavez, Priscila Doctorelo and Maria Eliza Cruz, Josefina Florendo, Hector Perez, Rowena Reyes, Melinda Torres, Marcos Valdez, and Romulo Villanueva.

On the other hand, Anna Mae Aurelio, Edgar Allan Mendoza, and Rian Ceasar Soliman received the Faculty University Service Award.

Lastly, top 10 outstanding faculties were awarded to Helen Advincula, Reynold Agnes, Rosemarie Buenconsejo, Andrew Joseph Dalao, Greg Dulay, Jocelyn Lanas, Jeremy Floyd Pedregosa, Arthur Pizaro, Leylani Samson, and Marites Sangel. “I just did my job, I didn't expect to be chosen as one of the outstanding faculty of the year. A simple dedication without any expectation of winning. It is an overwhelming blessing because it is the second time that happened,” Arthur Pizaro said.

-Frances Louise C. Giner