AAO updates learning modalities for AY ‘21-’22

FEU Advocate
July 23, 2021 11:46

By Arabella Rochynne C. Asis 

Far Eastern University Academic Affairs Office (FEU AAO) has released two learning modalities, effective starting the first semester of Academic Year 2021-2022. 

Based on the previous learning mode last year, Mixed Online Learning (MOL) will still be in use. In an online response to FEU Advocate, Assistant Vice President for Academic Services Generoso Pamittan Jr. explained that MOL is a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous. 

A synchronous session is where students can learn by using the various online platforms offered by the University real-time, while in asynchronous sessions students will be required to learn independently and receive constant feedback. 

Further, students who will choose MOL as their learning mode should have ‘constant access to learning gadgets with a sufficient data plan and location that can support a set schedule of online classes.’

On the other hand, Independent Study (IS) can be operated with both synchronous and asynchronous sessions. This will allow students to have more flexibility in their schedule but the submission dates will be the same with MOL. 

Likewise, students under IS should have periodic access to learning gadgets and the internet for downloading the materials and attending required weekly consultation periods. 

Due to the pandemic, the University has fully shifted to online learning and introduced the three learning modes last year which are MOL, Asynchronous Online Learning, and Total Analogue Learning. 

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