10 Nutritive treats Tamaraws can chew on

FEU Advocate
July 30, 2016 16:00

By Maria Vikoria M. Viado and Alyssa Ferelli F. Abario

Time to put down those greasy burgers and acidic soda drinks; it's high time you shove in nutritious snacks in that tummy of yours.

Indeed, nobody can deny the magnetic pull of unhealthy grubs rich in oil and saturated fat. But if you yearn for a fit and healthy body to survive the ever stressful college life, better make changes in your diet. Here are 10 scrumptious and nourishing meals you can find in the land of the Tamaraws:

1. The superfood: Veggies

Never forget to save a space in your plate for your green leafy mates. Vegetables contain fiber, potassium, folic acid and vitamins A, E and C that contribute to your growth and safeguard you from unwanted ailments. Don't worry because it's easy to find diners that offer a banquet of glow food along Morayta - Lerma, for example, which is just adjacent to the campus. But of course, the University's canteens are teeming with vegetables meals as well.

“[The healthiest food I know is] Ginataang kalabasa sa Nitz, this can help improve your eyesight and it's yummy unlike the other veggie viands,” Janica Regalado, an incoming 4th year Internal Auditing said.

With a generous tip from a fellow Tamaraw, a scoop of ginisang ampalaya, ginataang langka or ginataang kalabasa will already give you a bunch of nutrients for the whole day.

2. Korean’s best: Bibimbap

If you are out there looking for a quick escape from the usual Filipino meals, take your usual rice bowl meals to the next level.

“I would recommend ‘yung (the) Korean Bibimbap sa TB (Technology Building). Although pricey siya (it is a bit expensive), kapag nauumay lang sila sa pagkain na puro meat, pwedeng ‘yun ‘yung kainin nila, (if they are tired of food with too much meat, they can eat it). May meat din siya pero kaunti lang (It also has meat, but with only little amount) since it’s a mixed bowl of rice, veggies, meat, and egg. Nutritional, very satisfying tsaka (and) worth it,” Christine Rosales, an incoming 4th year Communication student shared.

Looking for a heavy yet healthy chow? With a bowl of rice peppered with seasoned vegetables, tiny chunks of meat and delicious sauce, this Korean dish is definitely energy-boosting, nutritive and satisfying.

3. Italy’s finest: Pasta

In almost all corners of Morayta, you will meet your favorite bee, waving a plate of juicy-licious spaghetti. But if you want to try a new flavor of pasta, taste the yummy bowl of spaghetti strands served in FEU Tech Building’s food court.

“Well, pasta is a great source of carbohydrates which is a crucial fuel energy. And most of the pasta in there have cheese, and it is a protein-packed product. Tapos ‘yung iba (Then, the other ones) with veggies kaya naman (that’s why) it contains various vitamins and minerals. I would definitely recommend this kind of food. Aside from the nutritional content, well, it's quite affordable,” Ferdinand Dumago, an incoming 3rd year BS Biology student happily expressed.

Pasta contains glucose that sustains your energy, but its magic does not stop there. It is cholesterol-free, low in sodium, and contains calories, making it good for a well-balanced diet.

4. Filipino wrap: Lumpiang ubod

The famous fresh eggroll with a heart of palm, commonly known as lumpiang ubod, has found its way in the list of healthy food options. Destined to capture Filipino’s hearts, this delicious fresh eggroll is a total delight.

With a variety of veggies deliciously wrapped in a crispy blanket, this mouth-watering treat is densely packed with carbohydrates and calories. You can find this wonder in several stalls near the campus and inside - yes, Tayuman.

5. Ultimate transformer: Banana

A tempting banana sundae topped with whipped cream and syrup, a turon embraced by a glistening thin sheet, a banana cue thickly enveloped in sweeteners. This yellow delight can go with anything. Bananas have glorious benefits to the body as they aid in digestion, prevent gastrointestinal ailments, regulate bowel movements and improve endurance. If you want to see these wonderful effects to your system, Hepa Lane has got you covered as they offer an array of banana-based treats.

“I love bananas, lagi ko siya kinakain sa snack. Tapos based sa mga nababasa ko, 'yung banana kasi syempre fruit, malaki natutulong niya lalo na sa teenagers na mahilig sa meat or preserved foods. Nakakalinis and easily digestible. So maganda siya para at least ma-make sure na healthy tayo and ma-prevent ang cancer from meats (I love bananas and I always eat it during snack time. Based from what I read, bananas help in the detoxification and digestion of teenagers who love to eat meat or preserved foods. It’s good because eating it guarantees that it keeps us healthy and free from cancer)," Zsarina Mae Lumba, incoming 2nd year Communication student inferred.

6. Warm reliever: Lugaw with Egg

Battling with a terrible cold or just craving for a hot breakfast before heading to school? A bowl of Congee-rice-porridge with egg, also known by Filipinos as lugaw na may itlog, is what you should order in diners near campus. With its whole grain derivatives, it will absolutely regulate your appetite, boost your energy, and strengthen your muscles.

Marami akong gustong pagkain sa school pero ang pinakagusto ko ay ‘yung lugaw na may itlog sa Tayuman. Oo, nire-rekomenda ko ito sa kapwa ko estudyante. Lugaw, dahil una, sa isang cup mo na pagkain nito mabubusog ka na. Pangalawa, mura at sobrang sarap. Sulit! (I like many food in school, but the one that I really like is that Congee rice porridge with egg in Tayuman. Yes, I recommend it to my fellow students because first, you will surely be filled in one cup. Second, it is affordable and very delicious. Worth it!)," Darious Ramos, incoming 3rd year Tourism Management student expressed.

7. Not so annoying orange: Kwek-Kwek

On a run but you need to ingest something to keep you going? On a diet but you need a light yet satisfying grub? You should know Hepa Lane and FEU's Tayuman is teeming with orange minions of nutrition - kwek-kwek.

It's time to debunk the belief that this street food is unhealthy because it's actually rich in nutrients. Since it contains quail eggs, these babies will surely promote a stronger immune system, improved memory health, and increased brain activity. So make sure to chow down on these orange globes, Tams.

8. Healthy mix-ins: Fruit Shakes

Fruits are source of numerous vitamins and minerals - potassium, Vitamin C, folate, manganese, fibers, and the list goes on.

Alam natin na maraming nutrients ang fruits. May iba't ibang vitamins ang bawat fruits at makakabuti ito sa atin…kasi fresh fruits ‘yung ginagamit nila instead of mga powdered juice drink at ‘yung flavored powder na pang shake talaga at very affordable lang (We all know that fruits contain many nutrients. There are different sets of vitamins for each fruit and it will be beneficial for us…because they use fresh fruits instead of powdered juice drink and that flavored powder that is purposely used for shake and it is very affordable),” Suzzane Bautista, an incoming 4th year Communication student revealed.

The home of the real building blocks of nutrients is just few steps away from your rooms, so try to visit fruit shake stands readily available at FEU’s Tayuman, NRH (Nicanor Reyes Hall) and EB’s (Education Building) canteens.

9. Fresh deal: Buko juice

If you're tired of puree and want pure fruit fluid, go for coconut juice.

It's not only a good thirst-quencher, it can also give you a blemish-free face, a well-hydrated skin, and a better digestion. Try regularly ingesting a glass of coconut juice, freshly served in the University's Tayuman. But of course, you can also subscribe to other buko juice stalls outside the campus. Just make sure it's 100% clean before taking a swig. This all-time blockbuster drink can help you flush out bad toxins in your system and re-hydrate your system.

10. Smoothies for life: Lemonades

Indeed, coconut juice has great cleansing power, but lemon fluid is also a strong contender, Tams. Tank up a glass of sunny colored dew that is also rich in vitamins in between breaks. There are several stalls in FEU's canteens offering refreshing lemonades at an affordable rate. You should know that drinking lemon juice can prevent indigestion, improve dental care, reduce acne, and eliminate dental problems.

"Okay siya [lemonade] since source rin siya ng Vitamin C and for detox na rin, also anti-oxidant din ata siya," answered Via Rodriguez, incoming 4th year Biology student.

It’s hard to resist feeding on unhealthy eats, but delving into nutritive ones is a way of taking care of yourself and fleeing from scary health risks. Armor your body with healthy grubs, college cubs!