TAMFoodtrip: 8 Must-try Coffee Shops Around FEU

FEU Advocate
January 31, 2023 08:41

By Kristine Anjela C. Pablo and John Vincent C. Cruz

As the new semester begins, students are back snoozing their alarms, hearing Canvas notifications, and going back and forth from one room to another to attend their classes—making one dream of a much-awaited siesta

To brave their day-to-day tasks, a cup of caffeine is much needed to start the day right. Whether studying for a report, catching up with old friends, or anything in-between, coffee shops are the safe haven for students who want to unwind after a long day. 

In the second part of #TAMFoodtrip: Refreshments Edition, here are eight small coffee shops around Morayta rated by FEU Advocate’s editors and staffers! 

  1. 28th Avenue Cafe

Affordable iced coffee, milk tea, and juice drinks—you can always go right with this budget-friendly shop! Ranging from 28 to 38 pesos, customers get to choose from the variety of iced and hot beverages that their menu offers.

The place boasts its in-store pick-up for convenient ordering as well as its dine-in through an outdoor seating set-up. For their best sellers, Iced Coffee Matcha is one to refresh you in the middle of a hot, sunny day. However, do not expect this to prepare you for a long quiz!

2. Kkopi.tea

Similar to 28th Avenue Cafe, Kkopi.tea has a brown and cream palette interior that features high chairs with customers lining up and being able to see their drinks being prepared. 

The shop also offers a variety of hot and cold categories: Iced Latte, Milk tea, Iced Amerikano, and Hot Drinks. But the supreme choice? Their all-time favorite Caramel Macchiato. 

3. 1008 Kopi 

One sip from 1008 Kopi’s highly potent drinks will keep you up through the night of finishing backlogs! This is ideal for those who like to step up a notch and try stronger coffee without compromising the flavor. 

Best sellers include Spanish Latte, Caramel Macchiato, and French Vanilla, which are all equally invigorating. Aside from its pop-up shop at P. Campa, 1008 Kopi opened a flagship store located at Maceda to cater to customers who want to dine in.

4. Manila Cafe

Definitely a crowd favorite, Manila Cafe is well-loved for its spacious area, chill ambiance, and reasonably-priced drinks! The cafe offers a multitude of beverages from frappes to milk tea.

But beware, sleepyheads! The cafe has one of the comfiest seats out there—so comfy that you would want to take a nap. Outlets are available almost everywhere for those who want to charge their devices, but the area might be too noisy for studying.

5. Drip Kofi

Pleasing aesthetic and good value for money—these are the reasons why Drip Kofi is the highest-rated coffee shop in this series. The cafe is mostly chill due to its minimalist color palette and Instagram-worthy drinks.
Served by their warm and cordial staff, the bestselling Vietnamese latte is the right balance of brewed coffee and milk that will surely perk up one’s sluggish day. Overall, the place itself is a good tambayan for catching up with friends.

6. Mad Brews

In the busy streets of Recto, one can find solace at Mad Brews! It looks and feels nothing like its exterior once you enter this newly-opened coffee shop. 

Customers raved about their Caramel Macchiato, which is not as sweet as you might expect. Overall, the area is quiet and intimate, making it the ideal spot for rushing deadlines or having a date with your significant other.

7. Hoppers

Looking for a place to spend time alone? Enjoy the earthiness that Hoppers brings with its good jazz music paired with its aesthetic interior. 

Hoppers is relatively small compared to other coffee shops on the list, but this is what makes them stand out. Perfect for your cozy chills, one must try their Spanish Latte with its luxurious and creamy taste that takes a playful place in your palate.

8. Nuli Milktea Studio

Drinking coffee has never been more enjoyable thanks to Nuli Milktea Studio's karaoke machine allowing customers to sing their hearts out. 

Its spacious interior offers a place to chit-chat, perfectly matching its white wall and grey palette. The shop also has a variety of food items to nibble on: takoyaki, cheese fingers, and many more!

For sweet-toothed individuals, Nuli’s bestselling Caramel Macchiato will not only give you a cold treat as it also brings you into a sugar rush. 

Seizing the day is not possible without getting a dose of your favorite caffeinated drink. Sometimes, all we need is a cup of coffee to get through a tiring day of meeting deadlines. Life might give us lemons but in coffee, we trust!