No Signal Prod gathers college studes, to crown ‘Best Dormie Ever’ in Dorm Diaries

FEU Advocate
December 13, 2023 11:17

Four dormies, three challenges, two episodes and one winner—this is what No Signal Productions showcased with their new show Dorm Diaries.

The show introduced four “dormies”, Ima, Ella, Karyll and Nel, who came from different universities in the University belt area, particularly in Far Eastern University (FEU) - Manila, FEU Tech and University of the East.

As the show progressed, the dormies were also given various challenges including What’s the Tea?, Ligpitan Challenge, and What’s Cooking?. All of which are integrated with the life of a typical dormer in Manila.

Fourth-year FEU Communication student and No Signal Production Manager Armando Onde noted that Dorm Diaries is a show that transcends realities.

“Dorm Diaries goes beyond mere entertainment, it portrays the social realities faced not only by Tamaraw students but by everyone navigating the challenges of living with fellow dormies,” he said.

Onde added that Dorm Diaries will serve as a platform for students to learn independent life management and to raise awareness on the underlying stories of hard work and struggles among students.

“Dorm Diaries isn't just about documenting individual dorm journeys. The viewers should anticipate witnessing dormies living together, supporting each other, and striving for harmonious living,” he stated.

Inspired by the South Korean show I Live Alone, the first episode kicked off last December 7 which is still available online at the FEU Studios Facebook page.

The second episode of Dorm Diaries will unveil the best dormie ever  on live broadcast via FEU Studios tomorrow, December 14, 9:00 am.

(Photo by No Signal Productions)