Political Pharisees

FEU Advocate
November 18, 2021 03:09

by Lance Christopher A. Bisda

Political views are tantamount to religious views when grounded on morality, so when you resort to saying “respect my opinion,” I ethically can’t empathize with your intolerance to injustices.

With the sudden surge of political support for the upcoming 2022 elections, notable religious icons, both locally and nationally, have been vocal about where their support resides. However, their alliance with certain political candidates became worthy of the criticisms fired.

Shocking and distasteful the reality is, but some religious leaders are still avid supporters of candidates who are known for their past atrocities, blinded by ignorance of the history and apathy to the victims of our nation. 

This political stand to imbibe devoted optimism towards the evildoers has caused a big backlash, especially to their religious institutions; when the people who you look up to, support a person who continuously goes against your basic religious values, this reeks of a self-defeating state: hypocrisy!

Regardless of what denomination you are part of, one commonality remains true: the love for others. Love for others is one of the fundamental values but when a servant of God tries to circumvent these teachings, this becomes a self-defeating image: a religious leader who cannot do what they preach.

It is a direct insult to the believers that their preacher, who was called to serve a greater purpose, is a fraud for looking up to God’s plans but condoning the malevolent agenda that inflicts pain on the community they should first be helping. Oh, this is the epitome of societal horror!

Religious leaders who easily point out people for stoning the sinners for their mistakes but tap the back of individuals who use brick to bury someone should be put into trial. After all, the scriptures are also a barometer of political soundness in the face of inequalities.

Political views and religious views are fashioned in the same mold: the truth of morality and ethics. So when we say that you support an oppressor, a violator who bends both laws of man and of God, therefore, it is logical to argue that you are reduced to an immoral and unethical individual.

The message of this article is not to defame people but a wake-up call towards a reassessment of our true values that should be anchored towards the protection of humankind, of the Filipino nation. 

Religious institutions are often untapped resources within the realm of politics and you, who may be part of it, can do something about it. You can be an active agent towards positive nation-building. Rather than passive mediators to God, you can help with the plans of God to create a world where there is peace, love, and equality: a world we all deserve to have.

To end this, may we have a firm faith that the 2022 election will birth better leaders of this nation but this should not be seen as the end. This is a journey of educating ourselves, knowing deeply the candidates who protect our values and rights, and a collective movement towards national consciousness: to live for others, that should be our devotion! 

What values do you think should the candidates imbibe in their campaigns? Leave your comments at bisdalance@gmail.com 

(Illustration by Maria Margarita Corazon P. Rivera/FEU Advocate)