Our Kind of September

FEU Advocate
September 13, 2021 08:33

by Prince Thomas I. Siñel

Let’s raise our flag because it’s September!
It’s a Filipino story narrating a new chapter.
An introduction of our dream to have autumn and winter,
Only to celebrate our Christmas just like our summer.

Do we start singing ‘Sana Ngayong Pasko’ as our senti choice?
Or all you want for Christmas is Mariah Carey’s voice?
Those melodies are a seasonal, joyful noise,
We can sing at the top of our lungs—having fun like children with toys.

It’s every time you watch the TV news program at the end,
A series of Christmas countdowns all our love to send.
Counting days and counting our pandemic wounds to mend.
They say ‘This too shall pass’: we’ll receive presents to be opened.

It’s September, over a year since the pandemic started,
But no improvements with lockdowns and quarantines—they’ve never ended.
Hold on, we can get through this, we’ll never be defeated!
We demand our healthcare workers be fully supported.

In the southeast, the Pearl of the Orient Seas have this 4-month celebration,
Despite being jolly and resourceful, being resilient is not the solution.
Those in power must leave the jokes behind, and take real action.
We heal as one: unity and responsibility lead us to our seasonal fruition.

(Illustration by Maria Margarita Corazon P. Rivera/FEU Advocate)