NSTP & COMREL’s Tree Hugging initiative to prompt green ventures

FEU Advocate
March 01, 2024 18:41

Far Eastern University (FEU) National Service Training Program and Community Relations (NSTP & COMREL) launched the Tamaraw Yakap Puno Effort For Environmental Upliftment (#TYPE_FEU) Tree Hugging Campaign as an action towards forest protection preceding a series of environmental activities for the month of February.

In partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), #TYPE_FEU aims to start off green projects such as reforestation, clean-up drives, bamboo planting, and mangrove planting.  

The activity seeks to raise awareness on the importance of forest conservation as well as highlight the social and health benefits of nurturing trees.

“Hugging a tree and spending some time around trees can lower blood pressure and heart rates, improve immunity, and reduce stress and anxiety levels,” said NSTP and Community Relations Coordinator Jerome Requidan in an interview with FEU Advocate.

The tree hugging activity also signifies an alternative Valentine’s Day celebration and a way to eternalize the living heritage trees in FEU.

Moreover, Requidan shared how a campus-wide awareness campaign like this project is significant in uniting people toward environmental protection.

“Becoming more aware of the need for everyone to unite hand in hand in protecting our environment is not only noble but necessary for a more humane existence for us and the next generations,” he said.

Requidan admitted that they are still far from the goal of involving everyone in environmental conservation on a quantitative basis.

However, considering that an FEU student was able to place in DENR's best tree hugging post contest, Requidan believes they were at least successful in capturing people’s attention.

Further, Requidan noted that this success does not end with this year’s tree hugging campaign and will bear more impact.

“This activity hopefully will become an annual endeavour. Moreover, there will be more similar activities in the coming days, all for the protection of the environment,” he said.

The #TYPE_FEU initiative will culminate with a coffee table book featuring the heritage trees of FEU Manila Campus and their stories. It is expected to be published in time for the 2024 World Environment Day on June 5.

- Shayne Elizabeth T. Flores