Lerma Building set to finish in 2020

FEU Advocate
June 27, 2019 20:08

By Aldaia Danelle B. Auman and Kaye Angelique S. Baeza

Far Eastern University (FEU) improves its facilities with a series of renovations and constructions, including a new building sited along Lerma Street, Sampaloc, Manila.

The formal name of the building is yet to be finalized but according to Facilities and Technical Services (FTS) vice president, Engineer Edward Kilakiga, it is called ‘Lerma Building’ for reference and project description.

The construction started last year and is expected for partial opening within the last quarter of 2019. While its overall completion is set to finish within the first quarter of 2020.

Lerma Building will feature small classrooms in support of Digital Learning, Effective Communication and Critical Thinking (DLECCT) and Wi-Fi connectivity for enhanced collaboration and learning.

Also, the new building will replenish the number of classrooms allocated for College division as previous rooms were allotted to FEU High School (HS) upon K-12 curriculum.

In terms of safety due to earthquake circumstances, FTS disclosed that the building will conform to the latest structural and building code of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Kilakiga referred Lerma Building as the ‘main contributor’ to Aspiration 2020 as it will be the first to have a ‘sophisticated management system’ to better control electrical consumption.

“As with all newer buildings we try to incorporate not only new teaching and learning environments but also efficiency measures for better overall operations for students, faculty, and administration,” Kilakiga stated.