IL studes gather to mark end of 2019 Bar Exams

FEU Advocate
November 27, 2019 09:40

By Shane Vallery A. Beduya and Janna Mae E. Bobier
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Salubong 2019

To welcome and support their schoolmates, Far Eastern University (FEU)–Makati Institute of Law (IL) students cheered and gathered outside University of Santo Tomas (UST) on the last day of 2019 Bar Exams, November 24.

IL students donned in green and gold paraded from J. Barlin St. to P. Noval St., which is just outside UST campus, to wait and congratulate FEU bar exam finishers. FEU Drummers also performed to support the bar takers.

Supporters, students and families from other universities all over the country were also present to welcome bar takers including Angeles University Foundation (AUF), University of Batangas, San Beda University (SBU), Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), University of Baguio, University of the Philippines (UP) and UST.

According to Institute of Law-Student Council (IL-SC) President Cedy Deculin, all 44 first time bar takers and approximately hundreds of retakers from IL were carefully refined by the institution for the exams.

He furthered that they "believe that this is the year of FEU", where it will be making a "comeback" in the "top" ranks.

"I've seen them (FEU bar takers) [undergo] the process. Sobrang hirap ng process sa FEU Law (The process in FEU Law is very difficult)," Deculin said referring to the hurdles of taking up law.

Deculin also stated that the event is also an opportunity to promote the FEU-IL to the FEU community and to magnify that they "exist" as a quality law institution.

"Right now, hindi kami 'yung first choice ng FEU graduates kasi sa Makati pa (we are not the first choice of FEU graduates because [FEU-IL] is in Makati). Pero (But), we have this kind of culture in FEU Law na (wherein) we are really, really, really united to promote the school to the green and gold community," Deculin ended.

Gedrick Angeles, a first-time bar taker, appreciated the support they received from the FEU community. "Masaya ako na malungkot dahil mahirap yung exam pero sobrang saya ko rin dahil nakita ko yung FEU community na nakasalubong para sakin (I am happy and sad because the exam was difficult but very happy because the FEU community is here to welcome me)," he said.

According to an official document released by the Supreme Court on its official website, the total number of candidates for the 2019 Bar Examinations is 8,245. The exams took place last November 3, 10, 17 and 24.