FEU plans in-person classes for Mid-year Term, First Semester AY 2022-2023

FEU Advocate
May 31, 2022 05:17

By Shane Vallery A. Beduya

Far Eastern University (FEU) announced that a face-to-face learning modality will apply for the undergraduate students who intend to enroll in the Mid-Year Term from June to July and the First Semester of S.Y. 2022-2023 under Alert Level 1.

In a Facebook post, FEU Academic Affairs Office (AAO) stipulated the attendance policies and a complete list of basic protocols set to apply to the planned in-person classes for Alert Levels 1-5. 

“This policy, which is an effort to strike a balance between the ability to assure quality education and maintain academic standards and the ability to be flexible to student realities,” FEU AOO explained.

Based on the policy on student absences by the University, the institution will strictly follow the guideline provided by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd).

“A student who incurs absences of more than twenty (20%) percent of the prescribed number of class or laboratory periods during the school year or term shall fail or earn no credit for the course…,” Article XXI, Section 101 of CHEd’s Manual of Regulations for Higher Education read.

FEU also stated that a student could only accumulate a maximum of six absences per semester for courses with two sessions per week. Courses with one session per week only have a maximum of three absences. 

Academic accommodation including permission to make up and permission to extend a deadline may still be given to students in crisis as long as they comply with the guidelines. 

With regard to policy on punctuality, FEU also expects the faculty to arrive a few minutes before the class starts and start the class on time. Likewise, students are expected to be inside the classroom at the official time of the class.

Meanwhile, FEU Health and Safety Protocols for Alert Level 1 indicated that although the entry of visitors, guests, suppliers, or clients is allowed provided that registration at the Engineering Building is followed. Entry of sick or with symptoms, partially vaccinated, unvaccinated individuals, are still not allowed under said level. 

Also, the appointment system for entry is not required under Alert Level 1, it will be required under Alert Levels 2 and above.

Under Alert Level 1, a 100% seating capacity in the Pavilion, Canteen, and Tayuman as well as mass gatherings at the FEU Chapel will be allowed.

Mass gatherings for indoor and outdoor venues are allowed with maximum seating capacity but Minimum Public Health Standards (MPHS) are required. There must also be proper ventilation for indoor venues. Proper wearing of masks is still required at all times.

“Students are encouraged to be tough on themselves and aspire to develop fortitude and grit,” FEU emphasized in the guideline.

The University also encourages the students to acknowledge when they are in crisis and are incapable of fulfilling their responsibilities. However, absences of students in crisis are still counted as an absence and academic accommodation for such cases can be given only to students who are unable to attend to their responsibilities in the short term.

(Photo by Arnold Quizol/FEU Advocate)