FEU lights sustainability themed tree for Pasko sa Piyu 2023

FEU Advocate
December 06, 2023 07:17

Far Eastern University (FEU) together with the FEU Center for the Arts (FCA), set alight its new sustainable Christmas tree that replaced the University’s famous ‘Yema Tree’ during the annual Pasko sa Piyu with the theme ‘Christmas in our Tamaraw Hearts’ held at the FEU Plaza last Friday, December 1.

This year’s 24-foot Christmas tree was made out of recyclable materials chosen for both aesthetics and environmental impact that aligns with the sustainability goal of the University.

In an interview with FEU Advocate, FCA director Martin Lopez shared what the tree symbolizes and how it is related to what FEU is committed to.

“It takes on an octagonal shape with eight layers, symbolizing the University’s commitment to the continuous journey of progress,” he said.

Lopez added that the design of the tree features green and gold acrylic along with recyclable acrylic panels illuminated by 200 meters of LED rope lights, while the tree's framework is built using steel angle bars to ensure that it will be used for the next five years or more.

“We started almost a year ago; after Pasko sa Piyu 2022, we were thinking about how we could make it better and what would get the Tamaraw community interested and excited for Pasko sa Piyu,” he shared when asked about the planning of the event.

Lopez mentioned that one of the highlights Pasko sa Piyu is showcasing the student artists of the university.

“Pasko sa Piyu will always feature our student artists; these are the members of our cultural groups; bamboo band, chorale, dance company, drummers, drum and bugle corps, guild, and guides," he mentioned.

This year, the annual Pasko sa Piyu was held for the first time in multiple venues, including the FEU Plaza and FEU Grandstand, showcasing performances inspired by the music of Jose Mari Chan.

- Cassandra Luis De Leon