FEU ITHM hosts KainCon 2024, celebrates Nat’l Food Month

FEU Advocate
April 15, 2024 10:17

By Lynette Joy A. Pasajol

In celebration of National Food Month, Far Eastern University Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (FEU ITHM) began the Kain Conference 2024 (KainCon) at the FEU Auditorium today, April 15.

KainCon 2024 is a three-day hybrid academic research event, including discussions on food literacy and sustainability, that will run until April 17.

It will also explore regional cuisines, including Cavite Cuisine and Moro Food Culture.

In an interview with FEU Advocate, ITHM Dean Harold Bueno shared the significance of KainCon in the context of the National Food Month celebration. 

“This conference serves as a gathering point for industry practitioners, Filipino farmers, culinary historians, chefs, gastronomic experts from the local food industry, and academicians. Together, they convene to explore ways to influence local food cultivation and establish preservation initiatives that can reshape the culinary landscape,” he said.

This year’s KainCon involves partnership among FEU ITHM, Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement (PCMH), and Slow Food Youth Network Philippines. 

ITHM’s Dean explained the collaborative efforts behind the conference’s inception.

“As a dedicated member of PCHM and serving as the President of the Slow Food Youth Network Philippines, I was approached during the planning and discussion stages to consider hosting the event. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly embraced this remarkable opportunity for our students and the FEU Community,” Bueno stated.

Further, the event format features keynote speeches from government officials and panel discussions involving experts from academia, industry, and media including Erwan Heusaff, Fr. Benigno Beltran, and Dr. Fernando Zialcita.

Bueno also revealed that the conference received 58 research papers related to Filipino food where 26 have been accepted for presentation.

Central to the preparation for KainCon is the active involvement of FEU ITHM students and faculty across various aspects of the event, from managing to catering services.

“The event was led by the Events Management class, while catering was expertly handled by students from the Catering Management class. Additionally, faculty members played pivotal roles in research review and presentations as part of the scientific committee,” Bueno explained.

When asked about the main objectives of KainCon, ITHM’s Dean emphasized the conference's focus on educating the next generation about their potential contributions to building a sustainable food system in the Philippines.

KainCon 2024 aims to promote Filipino culinary heritage and traditions while exploring ways to influence local food cultivation and preservation initiatives.

(Photo by James Neil Tamayo/FEU Advocate)