FEU Guides to host second year of virtual Creepiyu

FEU Advocate
October 27, 2021 04:14

The sixth installment of Far Eastern University (FEU) Guides’ annual Halloween campus tour, Creepiyu, will take place on October 28–29 through various online platforms.

Under the theme of vintage murder mystery, FEU Guides presents ‘Creepiyu: A (VI)ntage Tale’ where students can expect movies, games, and prizes.

In an online interview with FEU Advocate, FEU Guides President Jhia Abigail Cervo shared that they have coordinated with the CIIT College of Arts and Technology Student Council Student Council, FEU Film Society, and FEU Center for the Arts (FCA) for volunteers that will help in facilitating the event.

For the first event, the organization will hold the ‘Creepiyu Detective Game’ where students will have roleplays and compete against one another through the Discord app.

The second event features ‘Creepylikula’, an online viewing of horror films produced by student organizations to be held through Zoom Meetings. Films from CIIT will be shown on the 28th, while FEU Film Society movies are scheduled for the 29th.

A segment of Creepylikula also seeks to inform the public of the Communications students’ production process during the pandemic. 

According to Cervo, “We’re promoting original film materials made by student organizations anchored with the Q&A portion, so the students will be informed of the situation of Communications students in the online setup and how they are able to produce films despite the difficulties.”

In addition, FEU Guides members will also showcase original stories inspired by classic mystery writers.

In spite of the ongoing pandemic, the organization intends to keep the annual tradition alive so students will have something to look forward to once face-to-face classes resume.

“I hope the freshies and sophomores get to experience the excitement every Halloween in FEU: where at night the lights are all closed, and the ghost actors come chasing at them,” Cervo stated.

The event aims to promote the University’s background and history, support student-made films, and relieve the stress of midterms. 

The event will occur at night, according to University tradition. Creepiyu VI marks the second year of its virtual setup.

- Maxine Alessandra B. Turiano

(Photo courtesy of FEU Guides)