FEU Guides’ 4th Tamarace prides campus buildings

FEU Advocate
March 18, 2024 13:40

By Mark Vincent A. Durano

Far Eastern University (FEU) Guides spearheaded ‘Tamarace 4.0: World Wide Quest’ to highlight the University’s architecture through traditional games held at the FEU Grounds earlier today, March 18.

Tamarace adopts the format of The Amazing Race as teams of players have to finish obstacle courses in the form of worldwide traditional games.

The event featured traditional games from different countries, including Tumbang Preso from the Philippines, Red Light Green Light from South Korea, Balero from Mexico, and more, where participants were required to answer questions related to FEU.

In an interview with FEU Advocate, Tamarace Project Head Faye Columna shared some of the organization’s goals for  FEU students and non-FEU students to enjoy and foster University culture.

 “As a Guide, we utilize the culture and heritage of FEU. So through this event hindi lang siya (it is not just) for the fun, but also promoting the culture [of FEU],” she said.

FEU Guides Vice President Kurt Henry Romero added the goal of highlighting the University’s artistic recognition.

“Campus pa rin natin ‘yung nabibida (The campus is still in the spotlight)… We're still in pursuit of sharing what our campus can offer—artworks, different locations,” he stated.

FEU Guides also wanted to keep up with the University’s shift in conducting events in-line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

The Blue team, composed of Krista Mary Alcoseba, Marina Julia Manuel, Johndelbert Vicente, Rafaela Forcadilla, Paul Michael Añonuevo and Jerric Mission, was declared as the winner among 11 competing teams.

For its fourth installment, this year’s event partnered with Cosplay University to act as representatives for the stationed countries.

(Photo by Zyanel Bermudez/FEU Advocate)