FEU faces uniform production difficulties due to limited resources

FEU Advocate
February 22, 2023 08:46

Far Eastern University (FEU) Tams Bookstore encounters challenges in sourcing fabric and materials for the production of FEU uniforms, prompting an extension on the wearing of prescribed civilian attire on campus until February 28.

In an interview with FEU Advocate, Tams Bookstore Manager Gwenn Jessica Galvez shared that they have been ordering uniforms weekly since August 2022, but faced problems because of the limited fabric sources.

"Due to the uncertainty of classes scheduled last year, we had to first consume the existing inventory before we could place orders for a new batch of uniforms. Unfortunately, when the uniforms ran out in August, the availability of fabric became the next problem," she explained. 

Under normal circumstances, a batch of uniform orders with 5,000 to 7,000 institute polos takes 30 days to produce. However, the pandemic affected the production of the uniforms. 

Galvez shared that the supplier of FEU buttons had ceased operations during the lockdown and the buttons had to be imported from China. 

Following another surge of COVID-19 cases, China had to undergo a lockdown once more, resulting in restricted production. 

According to Galvez, acquiring fabric is not the only material the store is having difficulties with.

“The uniform colors of green and gold for the shirts and the collars are customized for the FEU uniforms and the textile manufacturers prioritize those orders that are of higher volume. The situation is also the same for the dri-fit fabric of the WRP uniform,” she added.

Since the resumption of classes in 2022, the Tams Bookstore was able to release a total of 10,000 institute polos remaining from the 2020 stocks. 

Tams Bookstore has already placed bulk orders and is expecting 5,000 uniforms to be delivered by mid-February.

"These orders do not include those prepaid orders that we continue to receive. These orders are still being made on a weekly basis," Galvez stated.

Galvez also mentioned that by April, orders for the school year 2023 will be delivered in time for the enrollment of Tamaraw freshmen.

Availability of uniforms and release schedules are updated weekly through the students’ email and social media accounts of Tams Bookstore.

- Cassandra Luis J. De Leon.